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1) A New Beginning...




This is the start of a blog of my new purchase of a Nissan 300zx. I recently sold my two cars; a 1991 twin turbo manual in red and a black manual NA (Almost sold) to raise the funds for my new purchase. A few reasons convinced me that this was the right thing to do;

1) I realised I hardly ever drove both cars and when going to meetups, I always picked my red TT,

2) The wife was getting upset I was using her Audi TT for trips to the tip and other messy/dirty jobs and suggested owning one 300zx and one more practical car would be better,

3) Although I enjoy spannering with cars and learning new skills, I was finding that sometimes I just wanted to get in and drive. Not spanner for 2 hours just to drive. 

4) The list of improvements/jobs/plans for both cars was longer than my.....arm lets say!

5) By selling both mediocre cars I might be able to find something/import something in good condition. A stable base to concentrate all my energy and funds onto.


Enter (stage left) my best friend.... After a  joking conversation with him a few weeks ago along the lines of "If you ever sell your zed, let me know" thinking full well that he wouldn't, he came back to me and said, you can have it for (insert low price here). Jaw dropped. I didn't really expect that, so the challenge was on to sell both my cars!

On Thursday 20th May 2021 I took ownership of my new car: A 1989 Nissan 300zx Twin Turbo automatic in red with 44630 miles on the clock. My friend had imported this car himself from Japan to the UK in 2016, MoT'd it, got it registered and then put it in dry storage where it hadn't moved since. First job of the day was making space to remove car from where it was stored, then check fluids and other checks to make sure it could/would start. We connected the original japanese battery expecting it to be flat, however the dash lit up and it started instantly on the first try, we were both surprised! We left it running to let it gently circulate fluids and warm up after its hibernation. We checked everything and it all still worked including the AC (I have never owned a car with working AC) even the tyres had 25psi in them still.

It was then off to the MoT via a petrol station for a drink of BP's finest. I was genuinely worried about the MoT because if it failed, I couldn't tax the car and I don't have anywhere off road to keep the car while waiting for work to be done and the re-test, but my fears were unfounded. Not only was it a pass, but a "green pass" (If you use the "vehicle smart" app you will understand: no advisories), The tester said he was surprised by the condition of the underneath. He said it was cleaner than most new cars he MoT's and was completely factory underneath. A pristine example was a phrase he used! I must admit, I have not managed to have a look under the car yet due to weather and work. It was then off home to celebrate by taxing the car!

The next day I used the car to go to work, it drove fantastic. It was smooth and comfortable, no rattles or bangs. The auto box was smooth with no jerky gear changes, the steering light when it should be and "heavy" when it needed to be, it was a joy to drive and a world apart from the usual 100000k+ cars I am used to driving (My old Audi 80 coupe was on 365k!).

I took it very easy of course as although its not yet at its 60k service, it has been sitting around for years and I'm worried about the timing belt. It is booked in with Jimmer in June for service and timing belt kit. There are one or two other little problems that need sorting:

1) It was in KMs, however my friend gave me his set of UK clocks he had in his garage, so now it's in MPH and delimited (I believe)

2) The original rear spoiler has a chip/crack so that will start soaking up water and needs replacing asap with the fibreglass copy to stop the boot lid from rotting through

3) My friend had a car cover on it for some of its time in storage and the cover seems to have rubbed the paint in certain areas. I am hoping a good polish will solve this, but it might need something/someone more professional to look at it

4) One of the alloys paint was touched up on a kerb mark with the wrong colour paint

5) A couple of the interior panels, the A pillar trims and one of the door cards, have little bubbles, so they will need replacing

6) It is on the japanese tyres it came with which are in good condition for their ages, but they are 205's. They need changing really for 225 atleast

So I have a few things to do, but nothing scary.

Enough of the text I can hear you saying, where are the damn pictures!? So here are some (bad) pictures!


1) Just before starting her



2) Battery connected



3) Interior (a bit muddy)



4) Outside warming up



5) Another frontal shot



6) Rear view



7) Another rear view



😎 Post-MoT exterior wash (it started raining just as I finished!)



So there we have it!

Plans for this car? Well I did have plans; new suspension, new wheels, spoiler, more power etc. But I feel that this is a bit of a snapshot, I feel that it needs to be kept stock, as OEM as possible for as long as possible. I will be looking for a secure, dry place to store it as I only have outside on the road at the moment as my drive is very steep. I will finish the jobs listed above and use it for shows, meetups, drives and the odd trip to work. I will refrain from using it in the winter, but this is not a static display, I will be using it. Cars like this were designed to be driven, it's in their souls and I can't deny her that. After we have all spent a year locked up, I like to think that is how some cars feel locked away in a dark garage, only to see the sun once in a while....

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Wow Tom this z32 could be one of the best early  imported TT in the country mate. Keep it stock and you will have a great investment and a dream classic car to own and drive.  My first Z was an auto and I loved the auto box. Look forward to your updates and pics mate.

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Very nice car, good buy. If you want the car in miles not kph you will have to change the gearbox sensor.

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Well done on getting the swap over done. If you let me have the VIN I will look up the build date etc.

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5 minutes ago, AndrewG said:

Well done on getting the swap over done. If you let me have the VIN I will look up the build date etc.

Thanks, I will do tomorrow, just about to go to bed!

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