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1992 UK rare manual for sale - lots of extras - spares or repair

   (0 reviews)

1992 UK rare manual for sale - lots of extras - spares or repair

   (0 reviews)


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Hi All,

I used to frequent this forum from 2005 - 2010. Anyone remember me? 😉

My car is now for sale:

Bought off Crazy_Eddie (on this forum) in 2005. Was pretty much showroom condition then. Looked after by Z-Tech in Swindon (when they were still a decent company). No expense spared on mechanicals. Oil changed every 3000 miles while I ran it. After about 6 months, the SE Nissan 'Stage 2' (stage 1 by any other standard) turbos broke, so I had them replaced with new stock smaller ones from the 300ZXTT auto version (a bit less top speed, but a second quicker from 0-150mph since they spool up faster). Had the water bypass done. Did the spade end connector trick to disable the 4 wheel steering (easy to revert, if wanted). Had it chipped (fairly aggressive chip, only runs on 98RON). Had Brembo brake discs fitted plus carbon/kevlar Porterfield pads. Various new tyres through use - usually Falkens. After a couple of years of daily driving the engine went (lost two cylinders). Had it replaced with a different Z-Tech refurbed engine. Ran it in gently for 3000 miles then the crankshaft snapped and took out the engine. After strong words, had the engine replaced with another one (known and good) for free by Z-Tech then it was all good. Even Grunpa64 (Allen, of this forum) commented at the time how strong and good a car it was. I stopped using it in 2007 when I moved house and went back to motorbikes. Hasn't been used since then, so (inevitably) it has rusted out underneath and the body has taken a beating from the weather (how I wish I'd bought a cover for it. Hindsight, eh?). Last time I turned the engine over (2015?), it ran and purred like a kitten for about 2 mins before the weather-perished oil cooler hose split and it dumped oil all over my drive where it has been sitting. I shut it off quickly and it's been sat there ever since. I thought I might rebuild it one day but the 'bikes took over (and I've now got 3, and 2 other cars to deal with). I'm moving to Spain later this year, so it needs to go - preferably to someone who knows what they're doing and would appreciate what it's got. Apologies if I get any of the following wrong - I used to know the specs of every single thing but it's been a long time. I want to give a warts-and-all account of the car and don't want to mislead anyone.

It's a 1992, K-reg, UK manual, 2+2, red, 300ZX twin turbo (Z32DETT). Non-runner - for spares or repair (see below).


Black alcantara/leather interior
Rare SE Nissan Monza 2 bodykit (GRP) with blended sills, bonnet (vented mesh - at one point I was offered £500 for the bonnet by a member of this forum), rear spoiler, low front bumper (vented mesh) - go slow over speed bumps and it clears them
Aggressive chip (98RON only) - estimated 350bhp at wheels
New (auto version) turbos fitted 10K miles before I stopped running the car
Unorthodox Racing lightweight pulley
Straight-through stainless exhaust system
Refurbed engine fitted 10K miles before I stopped running the car
Quality oil change done every 3000 miles in my ownership (overdue by 1000 miles)
Greddy Profec B-spec II boost controller (only run at 14 for engine/turbo longevity)
Autometer analogue boost gauge
TOAD full closure alarm system with remote
6-spoke Valbrem 18" alloys
Polished plenum (needs another polishing to restore it)
Brembo brake discs
Stillen hard pipe
Nismo billet steering knob (red)
Panasonic CD player/radio with 3.5mm jack for connection to MP3 player inside flip down storage compartment
Original Nissan OEM Clarion amp
Targa top covers
Original Nissan tape deck (working as far as I know - never used it) kept in the house
Working illuminated 300ZX on rear
Heated seats (passenger seat just needs a new relay), driver seat has the usual wear to the bolster
Original jack and spare wheel
Original titanium key (and spare)
Nissan floor mats
Tow points
Loads of 300ZX models
Tons of paperwork/receipts for work
All legal paperwork
Clock shows 166761 miles but current engine (not the original one) only has about 10K since re-build

Things I know need doing for an MOT/restoration:

Suspension bushings
4 wheel tracking
Brake discs need probably need a light milling (for rust) but might scrub up with elbow grease and knowledge
New tyres, brake pads, battery and oil change
New oil cooler hose
Respray, or de-rust and wrap, body is mostly GRP
Front seat refurb and passenger seat heated relay
I suspect it needs to go on a new chassis (see below)

With all but the respray and seats done, it would easily run again. Someone mechanically minded and with skills may even be able to patch the sills enough to make it a runner. I reckon if you spent an additional £3K on it you'd have a car worth £15K.
If you were to break the car I think you'd easily get £4K in parts alone. So, if you're looking for a project...

Offers invited over £2500. Collection (only) from Gloucester. Happy to answer questions.


Recommended Questions

Was this an original manual or a conversion? 

How many miles has it done?



It is an original UK manual - no conversion.

Tricky to answer the miles. The engine is a new-to-me fully rebuilt one and I've only done about 10K miles with it. The rest of the car (apart from the new turbos and other new parts mentioned above) is from 1992. I would guess low mileage for the year.

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When you have a min, would you mind PMing the VIN to me? I will add the details to the UK specs register I have.



Why do you want the VIN?

I'm not being funny. I will supply it to a genuine buyer, if they ask, but I used to work with a cyber security expert and the stories he's told me have led to me putting as little personal data on the internet as I can.

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AndrewG has been creating a database of all of the UK nissan 300zx, it's been his project for about 10 years so far. It has nothing to do with your data, He uses the VIN of the car and Nissans tool to record the car for the club. He is trying to find the history of all the UK cars that were in the UK.

What mileage does the dash say? Has the cluster been changed in its life? I'm not worried about the engine, I was interested in the car for the gearbox. Swap with my autobox and then get the car back on the road for someone



OK, I will give the VIN some more thought.

I've never had any issues with the gearbox/transmission but I'll find out the mileage for you and post back. Everything is original as far as I know (apart from what's listed above).
Forgive my bad memory (I have M.E. and brain fog) but I seem to remember having something done to the car regarding the diff to upgrade it.

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