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  2. I know that car,Walk away,In fact run,Run as fast as you can !!
  3. Hi mate I did try giving you a call yesterday I’ll try and add some pictures
  4. Black UK K plate and Bedfordshire reminds me of a Cat C car that does the rounds,White one ,Channel Islands ( it is probably rotten) Do you have any links ?
  5. Hi my friends as you know iam on the hunt for another zed, I’ve found a couple , but need a bit of advice, first I’ve found a t/t auto jap spec it’s a 1994 model,guessing that makes it a series 2? It in white and a lwb it’s not on English plates , it’s kHz which I believe is Channel Islands, it’s had 2 plate changes in its life , the current owner has said the last keeper did the cam belt but unsure about the water pump, it only got mot till December , and is asking £6k for it, no2 is a uk spec on a k plate in black, got power seats and heated as well, and got the original sound system , the owner brought bit from Bedfordshire a while ago , but they say it needs a new exhaust system and the rear suspension needs some attention, not sure on the mileage, they are asking £8k for it, l would like to know what you guys think and weather they are worth the money, thank you all and be safe
  6. What a crazy race, got to feel sorry for red bull, but good entertainment.
  7. I'm new on here so looking forward to meeting you at some stage chunk and others good luck with the build👍
  8. Great race in Hungary which was full of drama and stand out drives by Hamilton and Alonso. Loved it. Vettel's P2 at risk for not being able to provide 1 litre of fuel so more drama.
  9. So are we with the 350ZX club or not?? I've booked tickets as suggested to join the 350Z club? Please confirm.
  10. Thats my last working weekend before I go on holiday othewise I would have been there! 😪
  11. Yesterday
  12. We have to reapply for a stand each year, regardless of being there in previous years. I duly applied back in the spring, however the planners are taking a bit longer to announce the participants this year. Our application is still being considered - and I dropped the organisers an e-mail asking for an update earlier today.
  13. I find that if I leave the car for a couple of weeks, with the alarm armed, then the battery will drain. If I don't arm the alarm, the battery stays charged..... The Zed is safely locked in my garage though, and since the alarm is cat 1, the engine remains immobilised.
  14. Welcome back indeed mate - and thank you for your support too......😎
  15. As committee members, mine - and Gary's - primary objective is to do what's best for the club, come what may. We endeavour to do our best, but like anything, we cannot please everybody, all of the time. Your primary objective, Alex_ GT (or who ever you may be behind that keyboard), from what I see in all your posts, is to spread negativity in every which way you can. If you have anything constructive to say, both in the interest of the Z32 or, perhaps, some ideas on how we can improve the club for all our members, please do let us know. But if not - and it pains me to say this - you pays your money (or not, in your case) you takes your choice, so if you don't like it here, you know where the door is🙄
  16. I’d love to as I’m picking up my Z from mapping on the 28th, but I’m duty weekend at work so can’t get the day off
  17. Hi folks, There is a classic car not too far from me in the Chilterns, on Sunday 29th August - the next Bank Holiday weekend. Classics on the Crick - Charity Car Show I plan on attending myself - however if anyone else is interested, I can reserve a place for a club stand. Entries Cars & Commercials - Classics on the Crick Naphill is near High Wycombe in Bucks - about 10 minutes from M40 j4 Who's up for it.....?
  18. How about everyone just steps away from the keyboard for a moment. Both of you type in a way that can provoke. Maybe you don't see it yourselves, but you do. So just leave it be. Both have different opinions. No saying who's is right or wrong.
  19. So you are resorting to trolling as the foundation for you argument? I would say I expected better from a committee member of this club, but the way it has gone downhill over recent years I am not surprised at all.
  20. I prefer a n/a but would consider a t/t ,
  21. I got the Oxidation and Rust Removal Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution - 5 Litre Cleaning Fluid, There are many different cleaning fluids, the cheap ones don’t really work. I will use ACF-50 to coat all the parts to protect them. https://www.allendale-ultrasonics.co.uk/detergents-and-fluids
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