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  2. You rebuilt my engine in 2009 when I was relocating to Abu Dhabi.

    Do you still have that huge dog that took my hand in its mouth as I walked back to the gate after picking some things from the car.

    The car was put in storage until last year. It got started every week and kept warm in winter. Three years ago the storage company, old friends, had a company they new, replace all the fluids and plumbing.

    I have discovered 2 leads that I assume they dislodged on the drivers side of the engine. Do you know what these are.


    I have covered about 300 miles and am busy rewiring the audio.

    I would like to bring the car down to you to check the engine over in a few weeks - is that good with you.

    Kind Regards


  3. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ I'll definitely post a picture when it's up and running (so you can all say "Oh no you bought *that* one" 😜). 15 years!? That's not a restart, that's a resurrection πŸ˜‚ definitely going to want more than a battery. Maybe a priest to bless it! Where would you even start with something like that?
  4. For Nissan parts you can try the zcentre.co.uk or www.allcarpartsfast.co.uk who source directly from Nissan stocks. Both are well known to the Club's members. You can also source parts directly from Japan from the likes of https://jp-carparts.com who ship parts fast to the UK. Again well known to members. It is also worth checking the US suppliers https://conceptzperformance.com and www.z1motorsports.com/ who can often have parts at a discount (even with shipping and duty). Both are reliable suppliers. If you need to confirm part#s before ordering I can help you with that.
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  6. Hope you get sorted... I'm in the early stages of re-commissioning mine and I am dreading the day I come to try and start it - engine's not run in 15 years! (Just to add, I'm not just planning on fitting a battery and hoping for the best!)
  7. The fuel pump is sadly dead. I saw 12V at the pumps connector and then connected a battery directly to the pump, nothing… Is there a Zed go to / specific parts company in the UK for ordering cambelt kits, head gaskets and suspension components etc? Or is it best to go directly to Nissan?
  8. Well thank you, appreciate that, everybody comments about how clean it is. Hope you didn't stop the young fella working πŸ™‚.
  9. Very Interesting I won’t give up my petrol cars without a fight.
  10. Synthetic fuels....? I was reading an article in CAR magazine yesterday about Porsche endorsing synthetic fuels. I found this on the 'web just now - it could be the solution we're looking for in a few years! Will Synthetic Fuels Save Petrol Cars? - YouTube
  11. Bad show from Japspeed Gary - but at least you found a replacement for a reasonable price. I bought a Mishimoto one a couple of years back, I can't remember the price, but it's a nice quality item. Having an auto, I had to fit a separate transmission oil cooler, but that was easy enough for my local mechanic.....!
  12. Saw your car today, looking super clean [emoji1417]New exhausts are spot on size wise. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  13. Nice to see, encouraging when I'm currently in the middle of putting together something similar, if not better.
  14. Certainly prices are going up across the range of all classic cars and the z32 300zx is if anything undervalued in the UK.
  15. Today was 50% good. 50% bad. Finished fitting rear Sway bar bushes and torqued everything up. Propshaft fitted and torqued. Wheels back on with new nuts. Cleaned up the discs and refitted. They're being replaced as soon as Mtec have stock. This is just to get her rolling so she can get onto the back of a flat bed. And then I decided to tackle the 2 sheared bolts in the cats. FML. 4 blunt cobalt drill bits later and I'm still not done. Argh! Had to order more drill bits, hopefully a pack of 10 will be enough!
  16. Perhaps the market is firming up for nicely modified cars using quality parts. https://bringatrailer.com/listing/1991-nissan-300zx-twin-turbo-38/
  17. For reference, these are the relevant pages from the FSM on fuel pump system: efec 26.pdf efec 151.pdf Do you know that the stock fuel pump is not working? Tried connecting a fused 12v and GND to it directly (see diagram in efec 151 for pump's 12V and GND connection)? The relay will click on for 1 second on ign sw to ON (see efec 26). You might want to check the wiring between the ECU, FPCU (follow diagnostic steps in efec 151) Note that the fuel pump operating also relies on the ECU knowing that the engine is turning over derived from CAS signal (see efec 26) Which
  18. Last week
  19. Just a quick update. Completely removed the 90’s retrofitted immobiliser and repaired the splicings on the loom. I’ll get new immobiliser/alarm fitted at a later date. Disconnected the fuel line from the fuel filter, it was bone dry... Fitted a piece of pipe to go into a fuel can I was getting codes 11 (CAS) and 13 (Water Temp) Rotated the CAS and could hear the injectors clicking, the fan would run also due to 13. I’ve ordered a new Walbro GSS279 fuel pump, fuel tank o-ring and CAS connecter. Fuel pump relay is only momentarily energising at β€œON” key position. Not when cr
  20. Thank you. its a very handy resource for trouble shooting . Thank you for looking into it
  21. Thank you! I'll be signing up for premium on payday for sure! Bristol is such a great city. Perfect excuse to do some travel πŸ˜‚ This is all so great, wish I could convey how much I value everyone's help and input!
  22. God these cars are far smarter than I ever knew! That limp-home mode sounds very reminiscent of what mine is doing too... very sus. Praying it's a faulty MAF because that's not such a chore to fix πŸ˜‚ thank you for this Andrew, concept Z really is a gold-mine for more than just parts!
  23. Some new bits have arrived. Front adjustable bushes for the OEM fucas that I've overhauled to replace the cheap Midori style ones that came with the car. New wheel nuts to replace the fecked chrome plates ones that don't seat properly on the alloys. Got home from the boat today. Now got 2 weeks to get the front end sorted and a few other niggles done before she heads down for metal work and some paint.
  24. Mats sound good - please do post up some pictures when you get the chance [emoji1417] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  25. Last upgrade has reset the minimum word length to 4 characters. I've put it back to 3 but i will have to rebuild the search index which may take all night.
  26. trying to search help and advice section for common problems like "maf" or "afm as they are always abbreviated too, this produces no results? anyway of fixing this? there used to be loads of topics on this.
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