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What do you look Like....

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Bloody ell, is this thread still here ?

Deffo on the changes. I hardly recognise the place. I can still see some Familiar names though. ?

Bump to get a lot of new members to put a pic up :thumbup: Iam just back from Portugal did you miss me

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Well i will jump on the band wagon on this occasion!

This is my mug



Tanned and beautiful on our Student Gumball rally. This was when we were in Croatia :)


My G/f and I on the Stelvio Pass.... in Stelvio



and 1 more of us with the biggest turbo i have ever seen!


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Also how do you post big pics? i can only seen to post thumbnails?


Use Photobucket, sign up for an account if you dont have one, hit the big UPLOAD button, select the pictures you want to upload, once its done it will ask you to tag it, just select go to album, find the photo you uploaded, put your mouse on it and it will give you 3 choices of code, use the bottom one ( starts as [img=....) , right click the code (no need to highlight it as it does it automatically) and copy, then paste the code into your reply, hit preview to make sure its showing correctly, and post when done. HTH

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Just couldn't help myself :rofl:

Welsh REO

New car is here and so project 2 begins:hyper: Update soon



Project 1 finished 503.8BHP!


SFS Performance Silicone Hoses Manufacturer




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