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Just chilling having a beer or 2, and perusing the Tube, then thought hey we used to do this on the forum. And no Stella I aint Eisgarwind or whatever the moniker was :shuriken:


Anyhows my first one. no video just a still, but its all about the toon (or in this case the lyrics ) bets a few of us can relate to them :)



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Feck I've forgoten how to embed the links


youtube tags IE:


Followed by [ /youtube] with out the space obviously, then the random letters on the tube video.


so for your video up above with the URL




you want the bit in red, in between the youtube tag above. like so


Sp2AtK11ynE[/ youtube] again with out the space, the space is in there just so it doesnt embed the video.


with the space removed



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lol, I think the girl just about pissed herself as well.


Its easier if you click the share button on the youtube video and grab that link, its much easier to shorten to the code you need then.



Not for me it aint lol, I tried that just now and the code is huge!


here goes....next




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