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VG30DET Cima/Leopard Swap Info??

Guest donkayroo

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Guest donkayroo

Has anyone swapped in the single turbo VG30DET engine or manifolds from a Nissan Cima 96-97/Leopard 90-91? Just curious if this setup would fit in the engine bay of my non-turbo Z32. This engine retains the dual throttle bodies and 24 valves but only utilizes a single turbine (with no intercooler) on the drivers side (U.S.). The hp figures are rated to about 250 or so.


It seems as if the fit would be tight but then again a VG30 can fit into a silvia. If there is any known documentation of such a swap please email me (donkayroo@hotmail.com) or create a new thread regarding the Nissan Cima/ Leopard VG30DET engine and/or manifolds.


According to the links I've found the only tranny available for this engine is a rear drive automatic. Since it is in the VG family I don't see why a manual won't drop onto it. I would greatly appreciate any info.


By the way, the engine I describe is currently being sold on Ebay.


Here's the link:



This is a link I found with a pic of the VG30DET:




No pics just general spec info:




While I'm on the subject of swaps, does anyone have factual info on the RB26 swap?? More specifically, will the inline six drop into a Z32 without fabricating or relocating the original engine mounts?? Any info on any of these subjects would be greatly appreciated. Especially link recommendations. Although I'm sure with my luck most of the swap details would be in another language.


Thanks for looking.



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