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Knocking sensation under seat!

Guest barbel

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Hi all,


Like the new forum - very nice!


I've a new problem on my Z TT.


When pulling away slowly I've noticed a knocking/banging feeling under my seat. This is worse is the steering wheel is at full lock.


It feels like it's coming from the back of the car.


Anyone got any ideas please?




Andy F

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Hate to say it but prolly the propshaft centre bearing rubber separating from the bearing. It then lets the propshaft waggle around when you take away making a knock as it hits the bearing mount. Worse when on full lock cos slightly more torque is needed to move off.


Any Z 8 to 10 years old that has not had it changed will need it soon. Part costs about £135 from Nissan and takes about 3 hours tops of garage labour to change. Done mine a few months back.


Anither symptom is slight transmission vibe when cold and from 30-50 mph tends to go as she warms up. You'll find the rubber in the old bearing support harder than a witches t*t and cracked and perishing. It lets the shaft sag a bit too so avoid max power takeoffs meantime or you'll damage your propshaft universal joints.


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