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Gettin fuel pressure gauge..?

Guest Robtor

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K i wan't to check my fuel pump, pump controller, filter and the general fuel line is ok so its probably best i just check the pressure of the system at idle/ under load etc.


So what gauge do i want for this and where do i connect it, i don't really want anything permanent,..... yet...;)





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Guest andyduff

BUT why would you want to test it under load???


If you find one could you let me know? I just can't seem to find a suitable one for less than £300 :( http://www.gunson.co.uk do them BUT they are for vauxhalls etc where there is a measurement point built onto the fuel rail....


Not tried snap on though... YET ;)





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I want to measure it under load as apparenty people often find the pressure drops at high revs which obviously means the pumps good to supply the pressure but at what rate?

Could also indicate a knackered pump controller giving the wrong voltages at different revs.


mjdesigns ( http://www.mjdesignsuk.com ) do many rather lovely gauges for nice prices, i got my boost gauge from there. Im thinking of getting an autometer pressure gauge..

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