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active scottish members


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just wondering how many active members we have so I can gauge who may be up for doing stuff in 2014.

add your name below please


1 - Zerocooldel

2 - JaiKai

3 - crashcourse

4 - toolboxtrev

5 - ossian

6 - nezzi21 (no zed)

7 - gabriel

8 - bigmincey (no zed)

9 - zhoody (no zed)

10 -

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ok updated the list there the only other 2 I can think of are mikey amd bericca off the top of my head


- - - Updated - - -


I'm here too. Might actually get the bloody thing on the road this year...........though I seem to remember saying the same thin

g last year.


I said the same last year to lol

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