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Help! 300zx site broken on my Pc.


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So, windows 10 operating as it should....error ridden! And using the edge browser. The forum site is displaying as a text field with the gallery and advert images randomly placed.

It was working fine one day then not the next.

I am posting this via my Sony M4, which takes an age as you have to keep reviewing its predictive text, which is the worst software I have ever used!

Please help! As I'm missing my daily fix..lol!

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The sites displayed fine on edge since I got the pc a couple of weeks ago, I haven't changed settings Although some recent updates entry on. Didn't particularly want to go to chrome, it also has issues with some sites and Google have enough info on me as it is!!

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Haha Firefox is always another option.


You will probably find the anniversary update recently has broken it as it made a few big changes.? I always find that chrome and Adblock plus is a solid combo.

Ublock origin I have found is better nowadays, a couple months back adblock plus got bought out and now they don't block some ads, and I've never had an issue with ublock since.

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