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After the oil got contaminated and slightly washed down with fuel the turbos also ceased up. I decided to strip them and do the rebuild myself as the costs for that at the moment to be done profe

I had a wee surprise delivery from a Fedex van today and honestly wasn't expecting this for another week. Ordered from concept last week for my engine rebuild.   Only thing that is miss

Starting to get the nag to start on this long running project again.   Most of the parts have been boxed up for over a year, and the likes of the crank which is fitted to the block along wit

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Few more hours on the zed today and managed to get a few more things striped out.



All the intercooler pipework


Remaining pipework from the AC system which was stuck behind other pipes


Also removed the old battery try which was in really bad shape and now needs replaced and a bit of welding.


2017-01-21 13.35.13.jpg


2017-01-21 14.01.16.jpg

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Hopefully if I have time next week I have this list to start on:


Remove tailgate.

Remove windscreen.

Remove all door rubbers.

Remove door handles.

Remove door mirrors,

Remove back lights.

Remove door cards.

Remove rear bumper.


Extra's :


Weld up hole for battery tray and fit new one.

Considering sanding down rear bumper to get rid of stone chip.

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Not sure why you'd want to remove a fully functioning AC system. I'll gladly take the compressor off of you and the condenser to have as a spare!


Because he lives in the land of ice cubes and ironbru and doesn't need it? It's incredible how much space is created in the bay binning it.

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