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The Grumpy Old Men Thread

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People parking at a petrol pump not to get petrol but do the weeks shopping :cursing:



*UPDATE* Change of thread title :)




Slow drivers on the outside lane.:(


people trying to be grumpier than me!!!


Yes, Yes and YES.......:mad2::gun_bandana::punk:

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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and smithy you can shut up as well

its taken me all my life to learn to be this grumpy and do not like people trying to take my crown away


Can that be possible Steve ?:biggrin:


No it bloody cant!!


LOL - you should speak to Julia....:lol:


She'll tell you just how grumpy I can be.....:biggrin:

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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A snippet of things that I HATE :


Swamp ass.

Folk with poor levels of hygiene.

Beyonce's "all the single ladies" tune.

People/companies putting up decorations for Christmas in August.

Bad grammar.

Toilet Brushes.

People that spit and yack in public.



Metal tea pots (often found at National Trust cafés).

Cat shit.


Hairy/pungent vaginas.

Tabloid newspapers.

When councils spray tar and chippings on a road as a quick-fix to roads that seemingly had absolutely nothing wrong with them prior.



Christmas pudding.

Cheap low quality tyres.

Vauxhall Corsas.

Single ply bog roll.


Everything touched by the hand of Rupert Murdock.

Reality TV.

TV Soaps.


Fruit on pizza.


The theme tune to 'The One Show'.

Dump valves.


I will add more....

Sold 10/10/19


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1) When people come round a roundabout at a million miles an hour with no indicator, then beep at you for being there as it was clear when you pulled out.

2) Snapchat

3) Parents who have no responsibility for thier kids

4) Being charged £50 for cancelling insurance, all they need to do is press a button!

5) Windows Vista

6) People getting on my bus with a £20 note and saying "Child single".... No... F-off!

7) Little girls in massive 4x4s

8) When I turn my PC on to do something quickly and it says "Updating... 1 out of 1000000 completed"

9) People driving in fog with no lights

10) People driving in day with fog lights

11) Nescafe

12) Kids with Bluetooth speakers blasting music out on the street.


I could go on.... and on..... and on... but ill stop and let someone else have a turn! :lol:

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What gets up my nose is people who post on here pretending to be GOMs when all they are are young whippersnappers who have not lived long enough to qualify as GOMS

All you lot are youngsters who have no real experience of annoyance and are just jumping on the GOM bandwagon

Why don't the lot of you shut up and stop invading my space and form your own inferior GYB group

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1. People who don't seem to realise the middle lane is for over taking, and just sit there lazy arses there for ever.

2. people who cant stay in there own lane on a multi lane round about, then abuse you when they nearly take the nose of your car.

3. People who come barreling down a slip road and expect you to slow down/change lane when they are the ones who are ment to match speed an pull out safely.

4. Neds who seem to think that everyone else wants to hear there shite music coming from there cars. Same applies to buses and trains, and while I'm at it ****tards who walk down the street with the loud speaker switched on on there phones which they then end up shouting into like a captain kirk impersonator.

5. Parents who take there kids to soft play then sit there fat asses in the cafe and take no notice of what there little cherubs are doing, that is until you give one of there we scrotes a row for nearly flattening your toddler, THEN their fekin interested.


7. Everyone who voted for Trump.

8. And Americans in general for just letting it happen.

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