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I finished of the light refurb today and bolted on the newly powder coated tin work and plated screws. They’re not perfect, I would like to have split them and rechromed the internals but that will ha

Anyway, back to today... Car passed. A few issues raised... Near and offside anti roll bar links corroded but not serious.  Read disc worn, pitted or scored but not serious.  Im a

All fitted. From this...   to this...  

Posted Images

Today I finally got around to replacing my split flexible hydraulic clutch line for a nice new braided line. It was very simple to replace and the new line fitted perfectly. Unfortunately I didn’t have time to bleed the system but hope to do this next week.


Old leaking line...



New Hel line, £25 from eBay...





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Whilst at the recent Boxhill to Brighton summer run I was asked to pop the bonnet of my 300zx. This has always been a shameful task for me as my engine always looks grubby. Previous attempts to clean under the hood have always been disappointing, I’ve tried steam cleaning and G101 with both products having little effect. During the recent shaming Andrew suggested I tried brake cleaner and I’m very pleased with the result. I only had a few hours but here are the results so far...


Little test area...















After I’ve cleaned everything I can get to without unbolting parts I’ll try and get parts off for painting. I’ll be looking for advice on what can come off simply.

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Thanks Andrew. The problem is I now want to start unbolting parts to send off to get painted but I don’t know what parts are simple and safe for me to remove. For example is the balance bar easy to remove (just a few bolts and gaskets) or will it need “setting up” once it goes back on?

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You can just unbolt and refit. Take care pulling off the vacuum tubes that connect to it. The bar uses three O rings (which are

a non standard size) as seals which can degrade over time and may require replacement.


Ref: https://conceptzperformance.com/nissan-infiniti-nissan-oem-300zx-balance-tube-o-ring-set-z32-14033-30pkt_p_1110.php


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That's much better! I got through a fair number of BC aerosols doing mine using a toothbrush and

paint brush - worth the effort.


Good idea; cheers Andrew - I must try that....:wink:

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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Christmas has come early for me today! I got a call from RalTech Finishers and Macro Developments to tell me that my 38 items had been powder coated and my outrageous amount of bits and bobs had been plated. I’ve taken a few pictures of some of the items before and after the work for your entertainment. Most of these parts will likely never been seen again other than by the eyes of Jim at PowerZed.











Now I have the fun of putting it all back together again before I strip and send the next batch off. ?

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19 minutes ago, Gaz 300 said:

Like new Chris ?

The parts are good and it’s coming along but still a way to go.

The main issue will be the paint around the area now where there rust got fixed. Unfortunately the repair was good but the paint job not so and they didn’t put a great seem around the repair. I’m sure I can tidy it up and the day the engine comes out it will go to the body shop for a respray.



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It’s the little things...






Is the bonnet sensor OEM or is this part of the alarm? This wire had tape wrapped around it that was flacking. So after stripping the old tape to rewrap I found this. ? Another job to sort out.


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7 hours ago, Joely P said:

Great to see the attention to detail and thought going into this project Chris. It’s inspiring me to get started on mine and give it a proper freshen up. emoji41.png

“Just another grand”!

Thank Joel. It very satisfying and not overly expensive, very labour intensive though.

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10 hours ago, phutumsch said:

Your sister doesn't wrap prezzies ?.

That might have been taking the piss, she only collected it for me as she lives near Luke and was down for a family Christmas get together. It was actually brought by my wife for me and I wasn’t going to risk it getting damaged under the tree. ?

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I’ve started the power steering pot refurb today. It going very well, only very minor surface rust in a few places to deal with and a bloody good clean. All tapped up and I made a very sturdy stand for it to sit on so I can get round all the funny angles.





One question i have is how long do long do I have to wait between primer, colour and lawyer. I know about 15 minutes between coats but do you think 24hrs between paint types?



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7 minutes ago, JaiKai said:

Very inventive stand you made ?


Lol. I wanted something that left every external part available to paint, still be able to pick up the pot to paint the underside and be easy to put back on and spin around. I did make a vid to show how stable it is but can’t get it to upload. (Obviously I’ve bunged up all the holes)

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