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Project UK rewind


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Yesterday I gave the PS pot a good rub down with some 1200 grit paper and applied the lacquer.

Without question this was the hardest paint to apply and unfortunately I have created a few runs. It’s nothing that I can’t fix but I’m a little frustrated with myself that I was so heavy handed with this coat. ?‍♂️

I’ve now got to wait a week for the lacquer to really go off before I can start the shave, rub down and  buff. ?


On the plus side the lacquer has mad the pot look a lot darker, it’s still not as dark as OEM but I’m sure only a few would notice the difference when fitted. ?


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1 hour ago, AndrewG said:

Done the insides?

Not to a satisfactory standard Andrew. I did get a load of muck out but I couldn’t get the angles required, my product left too much residue and my cloth (tampon) left a load of fibre on the glass. 

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11 minutes ago, Jeff said:

I haven't been following this but it popped up in my email for some reason tonight and I must say it's very interesting. How did you clean that washer tank?

Hi Jeff

I left it soaking in a few different products (bleach, bicarbonate soda, vanish etc...). Vanish gave the best result.

I also filled the tank half way with cold water and added a fist full of chickpeas to dislodge all the gunk from the inside.

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7 minutes ago, Jeff said:

Interesting, thanks for the update. Good luck with your project, mine is laid up rotting away nicely, awaiting a rebuild like you're doing. Got the time now, but no money! All the best.

A lot of the work I’m doing at the moment isn’t very expensive, just time consuming. But in fairness my car was perfectly serviceable to start with, just not been as loved over the later years by the previous owner. Pick a small area to work on mate, start a “project thread” and get to work. ?

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