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Project UK rewind


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I plan to have the EGR system removed when the engine is out for the "bolt-ons" (plus the MSP manifold is missing the EGR connection). How

difficult it is to remove all the EGR stuff with the engine in I can't say. Perhaps someone who has experience can comment.

Some background info:




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Finally managed to get the plenum off and what a faff it was too, although I’m in now doubt taking it off will have been a piece of cake compared to putting it back on. Really pleased with myself though and can’t wait to get the whole area cleaned up and put back together.







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Well that’s frustrating, but bloody typical. I’ve just lost my fixed term contract so have to put the brakes on this job now, well at least slow it down a bit.
Im now going to have to look at replacing the harness and upgrading the injectors on another occasion. However I have thought that I can replace the faulty injectors with used OEMs and grind the plenum so that the OEM injectors can be withdrawn, without the need to remove the plenum, when funds allow for me to buy the 740cc.

If anyone has a couple of OEM injectors they’re will to part with please let me know.




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Well finally work seems to be picking up and with this I’d thought I’d take advantage of Z1 Motorsports Black Friday discount code and get this car back to its best again.

I was hoping that some of you (Andrew are you still here?) might take a look at my order and just confirm that I’ve got all that I need to get going again.

Thanks guys. Hope you’re all well as it’s been a while since I was last online.


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On 26/11/2021 at 17:40, Chris300 said:

Thanks Andrew. I’m pleased to be back in a position to get back on with moving this car back in the right direction. 👍

Great news Chris - good luck mate and hope to see you and your car in 2022!

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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I've just ordered stuff from Z1 Chris and am experiencing a delay like you with Fedex. Two things have caused a delay for


1/ Z1 did not complete the manifest correctly - missing the HS (tariff codes) codes and adequate descriptions for the items.

This generated an electronic form from Fedex customs via email to complete (which didn't work!). I emailed Fedex customs

with the info they wanted after getting through to customer services.

2/ Fedex used to pass packages through customs and then invoice you to pay afterwards. The agent I spoke to said that for

"high value shipments" they want the duty and tax payments upfront before releasing the shipment. Another delay as they

didn't let me know. I'm waiting for the call from Fedex customs to pay.

https://www.gov.uk/trade-tariff or https://apps.parcelforce.com/tariffcode

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