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My daughter calls it Toothless the Dragon: My ‘95 TT Z

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I replaced all the T-bolt mikalor clamps, because I bloody HATE them, with genuine High Torque Jubilee clamps. These should clamp more evenly that the t-bolts, and hopefully no more pipes popping off!

ive also fitted a WinFactory hood prop kit, which has done away with the rather antiquated hood prop.



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Bar coolant, ps fluid, trans oil and installing the battery, she’s all done and ready to fire up    

Another little job done.   I made up a mounting plate for both the oil cooler and the Improved Racing remote filter mount.   This is the “final draft” made with some Ali checker pl

A little glimpse as to what I got up to yesterday   

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I’ve also finished the sound deadening across the rear arches, bench seat and inside the doors.

once I topped and tailed that, the replacement early spec carpet and boot carpet went in, as did the seats and trim panels.


The dash and centre console are staying out for the time being while I sort the wiring out for the Haltech, map switch and a few other little bits and bobs I want to tidy up under there







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As I’m now using the internal MAP sensor for on the Haltech ELITE, I’ve been able to repurpose the bracket I made for the external map sensor for the Boost Solenoid. I was never happy with how I had it previously mounted down under the brake master cylinder, now this is more accessible in that left hand corner


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The new blood for the gearbox turned up this morning.


I decided to not to go with the MT90 trend and stick with a brand a know and trust in Motul. I’m yet to come across a product they make that doesn’t live up to expectation, and it’s more widely available than Redlines MT90.


the cars is still a little way off moving under its own power, but I’ll report back with how I find it..... although my gearbox as always been smooth and quiet, so I’m not expecting to feel anything different.


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Posted (edited)

Exhaust is now topped and tailed and sitting as good as we can get it.


it appears the mistake we initially made was to get the pipes straight and level on the boxes so they measured the same tip to box, tip to tip and parallel to the box itself. However, when they were on the car, they looked to have a droop on the outside tips (as appears to be common with customs quad setups on Z’s).


We finalised the welds on the pipework, vbands and hangers and then spent a good few hours getting the tips in the right spot. That’s why on the bottom pic, the tips look wonky







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Wiring harness all made up for the Haltech.

a friend of mine, who owns Paradox Motorsport, made the loom up for me using tefzel wiring, braiding and all new connectors for my sensors (with tags for each branch of the sub loom) It’s a shame that no ones ever going to see it due to how im routing it







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And another little job out of the way. My balance bar was looking tatty with chipped paint, so I commandeered the green house for a bit of painting. Quite happy with how it came out







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