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The 300zx Detailing Thread

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Polishing new paint is absolutely fine if applying by hand. Be a little more careful when using a rotary, however a DA shouldn't give you any issues. Waxing or sealing fresh paint isn't always advised as it still needs to gas-off. It depends on how 'fresh' it is. A month or two should be more than adequate.

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I know one of the bodyshops near me (held in high regard) uses Meguirs Gold Class paste on it's work??

When you build a car... any car... you have 3 choices

Cheap, Fast, or Reliable ... now you can only pick 2 of the 3....

If you pick Cheap and Fast it will not be Reliable

If you pick Cheap and Reliable it will not be Fast

If you pick Fast and Reliable it will not be Cheap

Pick your 2 and build your own car.


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Just to add to the list,

I have bought a das 6 pro polisher with menzerna compound heavy cut up to super fine.

has bought up my paint like glass, all swirls have disappeared.


but look up youtube to get to know properly how to use the das 6, if your into detailing its a must

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13 minutes ago, AndrewG said:

Wow! So what did you use to achieve that result?

Used Meguiar's ultimate polish with the DA Andrew.  I watched some utube videos on how to use a da polisher and it was so quick and easy to do. I find doing it by hand at my age with arthritis is getting harder so this is a game changer for me. 🙂




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Looks class Gary

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Datascan, Conzult, ECUTalk and a few others

I have all the rare bits you can't find :tongue::tongue:


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For waxing blue or purple coloured cars, I can recommend Dodo Juice Purple Haze - tried and tested on my Blue Babies......😊






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I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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