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I thought i would start a thread to display the progress on my zed. Been a fair few years in the making with extensive list of work ive carried out and i thought it may be of use to others for ideas.


Link to album here may work




Here is the spec:




new windscreen and windscreen trims

New targa trims complete

Rear Fog/Reverse LED conversion plus red lit `300zx'

Angel ring sidelights in headlights

Genuine 99 spec rear lights all 3

Clear rear bumper markers

Rear and side windows tinted

Genuine Wings West front bumper

Genuine Bomex side skirts

Genuine Bomex rear apron

Front wings smoothed and indicators relocated to wing mirrors

Aerial deleted and smoothed

Rear wiper deleted and smoothed

Rear over fenders fitted blended in

Carbon fibre scuttle panels with gold mesh

Carbon fibre rear diffuser

Gold Z badge on headlight panel

New door seals (to fit)




Full interior retrim in off white leather with blue stitching and 300zx logo and series 2 arm rests same leather and stitching all done by Mondo

Both seats are electric and aftermarket heated

NISMO carbon gear stick

Chrome door handles

Noble M12 Momo steering wheel

Momo handbrake handle in blue alcantara

Blue Illuminated stainless steel kick trims

18mm MDF boot floor

Full lock set with original 3 keys (to fit)


In-Car Entertainment


Pioneer 8in screen headunit

JVC 6 x 4 rear speakers

Pioneer front speakers

15” Infinity sub and Magnat amp


Engine Performance


Nistune ECU

NGK heat range 8 spark plugs

AEM adjustable FPR

Apexi turbo timer

Apexi twin stainless steel backboxes 2.5"

Japspeed decat pipes 2.5"

HKS 2530 turbos and 5 bolt downpipes

NISMO 740 injectors series 2 fuel rail

Ashspec massive V3 SMIC

Ashspec 2.5 inch IC piping

Ashspec planar intake pipes

HKS SSQV dump valves

Twin JWT 350z filters on twin MAF`s with Selin translator

New wiring specialties harness

series 2 PTU

Koyo radiator

Braided turbo oil feed pipes

one piece stainless steel clutch hose

RPS max street clutch and lightened flywheel

Mocal oil cooler


Z1 58mm throttle bodies

New timing gear idlers and tensioner

Unorthodox complete pulley set

Optima red performance battery

AEM boost gauge


AEM coolant gauge (to fit)

GKTech fan (to fit)


Engine bay dress up


Stainless steel throttle cover (to fit)

Custom painted throttle cover

NISMO oil cap

Powertrix CF slam panels

Fuse box relocated

Z1 blue heater hoses

Roose Motorsport blue engine bay air hoses

Z1 radiatior hard pipe kit in blue

AMS clear timing belt covers

Custom-Zed gas bonnet strut

Chrome PS pot relocated and PS lines modified

Gold battery terminals battery relocated to the boot and custom power cables

Inner wings tidied up and smoothed

Blue powder coated coolant pipes, plenum, CAS bracket

Gold powder coated balance pipe and camshaft end plates

Chrome CAS

carbon canister deleted

AIVs deleted

Plenum coolant bypass

EGR deleted

NA PS pump, HICAS and all pipes deleted to the rear

Custom-Zed stainless steel bolts and coloured washes throughout




Meister R coilovers

Powertrix FUCAs

Powertrix tension arms

Powertrix rear toe arms

Powertrix rear connecting rods

Powertrix rear upper arms

NA rear subframe (no HICAS and shorter diff ratio)

Nissan motorsport front and rear strut braces


Wheels and running gear


R33 Skyline GTR front and rear Brembo calipers and discs

18" Mania alloys

Zedworld one piece prop

Short shift kit job


Winner of best SWB Zed 2019


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Nice work Martin, some wonga spent on that spec list :thumbup1:

When you build a car... any car... you have 3 choices

Cheap, Fast, or Reliable ... now you can only pick 2 of the 3....

If you pick Cheap and Fast it will not be Reliable

If you pick Cheap and Reliable it will not be Fast

If you pick Fast and Reliable it will not be Cheap

Pick your 2 and build your own car.


Club member no. 779:thumbup1:

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This was the first Z32 interior I ever did. It's crazy that it's only recently seen the light of day for the first time!


All good things take time and i had alot of custom work to do in the end. 3 shows done now this year though.

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  • 1 year later...

I've been busy accumulating more parts and another shipment coming in from CZP.


New door seals to fit along with a few other OEM upgrades to the door lock barrels.


Shiny parts to fit include stainless throttle cover and GKTech fan.


Dash will be out this winter as I have an excellent condition one to go in along with a centre gauge cluster with the 2 AEM AFRs and coolant gauge. Looking to pick up some new wheels so I can get some wide semi slick tyres on the rear before going in for another tune since I was losing traction before.


Having been spoiler less for a while now I'm looking at options to add something that is low similar to a 99 spec.

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A lot of nice upgrades Gonzo :thumbup1: Looking forward to some nice pics of this prize winning black SWB.


Ah quite right you are and if this link works then it should show the most recent pictures the the garage.



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  • 2 weeks later...
  • 2 weeks later...
Ah quite right you are and if this link works then it should show the most recent pictures the the garage.




Awesome Zed, Marty.... And a well deserved win :thumbup:

I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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Pulled my zed out of hibernation today. First job was to fit the new AEM FPR and set the base idle. Now running sweet. 

Next is time to play to play about with my fuel map to get to a good base map since it’s a long way from standard. 


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An update in pictures on my Zed build. Dash is out for the new one to go in, engine bay slimmed down and even more tucking done along with clutch vacuum tank delete. A few extra bits
going in with some very custom work going on in the near future.

The bare engine bay is what I’m going after and I’m sure we have seen plenty done on NA zeds that’s the easy part a bit more difficult on a TT.



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If you carry on at this rate Marty, the engine itself will be next to go !!!!

Hmmm you’re right RB lump would look better.

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My tucked engine bay is nearing completion. Going to move my fuel valve up and in for a tidier display. Need to find a fan shroud which I’ll shave and modify.

I’ve seen plenty of tucked bays on the NA but not many at all on TT.


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Few questions Marty. 
So your now going to have non servo assisted brakes? Have you retained the ABS?

Are you still running stock fuel pressure? If so what’s the reason for the aftermarket FPR? 

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Regarding the brakes I’ve got testing to do on this so I will confirm all once complete.


With the AEM FPR I am on standard pressure however due to being on Nismo 740cc I am on an AEM fuel pump and a direct feed with this to feed constant fuel. The pump has its own built in relief valve and with this set up and the aftermarket FPR I can ensure that fuel pressure and delivery remains constant and will not lapse on high demand situations.


This therefore cuts out the fuel pump controller.



Also the stock set up will only take you so far in terms of BHP.


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Knocked up a shelf today to replace the stock one so that I have somewhere to mount my bottles. I wanted the ability to turn them on from the drivers seat so this is ideal. 9ccc274242fedacff2b8094391653f39.jpg

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I always find with the bypass on the ecu done and full voltage at the pump the cars have a tendency in being over rich at idle,The adjustable reg is a good way of controlling this.That is the main reason i use adjustable set ups.The stock regulators are pretty good otherwise for decent power levels.

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A little update as I’ve always got loads going on and plans for the Zed. Wheel colour this time. I’ve been watching some successes using liquid wrap which you can spray on and then peel off if not happy. Not a fan of vinyl wrap due to so many jobs looking incomplete and poor.

Liquid wrap is basically plasti dip made better in that you can get pro get sprayed with a gun that can be sanded and polished after you apply the topcoat or follow the trend of 10 years ago and stay matte.

Started experimenting with it and half way through my wheels now as my end colour scheme will finish with a shade of gold wheels. I’ve got 11J Cosmis on the rear that are practically brand new so easy enough to clean up for the job.

I’ve used 3 coats of black matte as the prime and then one coat of the stealth gold which being called stealth think pearl as it will give off a different depth of colour at different angles. I’m going to give a second light coat of gold on this before the top gloss coat. Being liquid wrap it isn’t prone to runs as much as paint is and is a lot more user friendly plus if you don’t like it you just peel it off

I plan on doing the whole car in the end with another colour and will leave it to the final pictures. The company I use also provide training courses which I will be booking on.

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