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1992 NA manual gearbox damage + repair


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Good morning everyone,


Recent owner of an 1992 NA manual Z32, I am currently facing gearbox damage issues : after repeatedly hearing loud rattling noises in 2nd and especially in 4th gear, we decided to open up the GB and check what was going on inside.

Sadly (see pictures below), we saw that many parts were badly damaged.

Does any of you faced something similar, and know what could be the reason of such an abusive wearing ?


For information, my Z is a 1992 SWB NA of 130000 km, freshly imported from Japan this year. This has been spotted right on arrival. Clutch is new already.


What would be your advice for the next step ? would you rather either :

- go for an used gearbox (I assume it is the same of the TT GB ?),


- refurbish this one ?


Thanks a million ! :)









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