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gearbox - auto or manual?? TT or NA?

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Hi, everyone


I am a new member and just starting the journey towards hopefully owning a 300zx.(32)


So, please bear with me, if my questions seem somewhat basic!


I would appreciate some feed back on the merits of the manual and auto boxes. Is one more reliable than the other? Is there a real performance drop off, if you go the auto route? I would guess that the auto box is kinder to the whole transmission/rear suspension - correct?


Also, regarding the twin turbo or naturally aspirated.


Is the NA performance adequate? Are there differences in chassis cabin spec etc between the 2 models. Does the TT offer a better investment potential? Any advice would be welcome.


Thanks in advance



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Welcome to the Club Ian. I had to lookup Ruyton X1 Towns on the map as I hadn't heard of the name before! You will get lots

of opinions on your questions from members re transmissions, NA/TTs and body types.


Generally speaking manual cars are preferred to automatics and are considered more valuable/desirable. Automatic boxes can

be unreliable (usually from abuse and/or poor maintenance) It is not uncommon for automatics to be converted to manuals with

donor parts from cars being broken.


There is a significant difference in performance between TT and NA cars. Most TT cars are also modified to leaser or greater degrees

to increase peformance which the cars respond well to. As it is so subjective your best bet is to get a drive in both types to help

you appreciate the difference (same for manual/auto comparison). TTs are generally considered the more desirable/sought after

of the two types.


The main difference in cabins is between the 2+0 (two seater) and 2+2 (four seater) types available in both TT and NA form. UK

spec cars are always 2+2 TTs. Imports can be either cabin type.


Hope this helps.

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TT manual is the desired choice and by far the most fun and exhilarating. Having driven every single drive train, I personally wouldn't entertain an NA, especially an NA Auto. If you're going to go for something with the looks and poise of the Z32, it has to have the drive train to match.


Welcome to the club!

Sold 10/10/19


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I have a 2+2 targa TT, people will tell you they're a big heavy drag racer. They handle absolutely fine, or they can be made to handle well I should say. They might be heavy but they're plenty powerful to move the weight. The SWB cars can have less traction than the LWB.


Secondly, Manual conversions. Like mine, an OEM quality swap, there are differences in cams and turbos, but they are still very powerful engines. It is no compromise having the small turbos they're awesome.

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I've said it before and I'll say it again having driven a TT zed first with auto and them being converted to maual. The manual makes realise just how much power you have got under your right foot, and perversely makes you realise just how good the auto box is at smoothing out the power delivery

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