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attaching previously uploaded images


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not sure if its a forum error or user error


how can you attach a previously uploaded image using an ipad?


I don't have a pc at home, and just use an ipad, it works fine for everything other than this


I go to manage attachments, it then wants me to drag the xisting image into the box at the bottom , which isn't possible on an ipad.

I can tick the tickbox of the image I want, but there doesn't seem to be a drop down menu to select what I want to do with the ticked item


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2019-08-18 (1).png

There's a button Insert Inline in that manage attachments window. Don't know if it's the same when using iThing - would have thought so.

Are you able to click that? I just tested and that's how the above pics got there.


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Ye Gods. I should have learnt by now ? 

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Isnt that just for inserting images you have dragged to the bottom section? If i click inert inline when there are no images in the bottom box and the insertinline says (0) then i get a pop up saying i have to drag the images


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Click 'Go advanced', then click the 'Manage attachments' box.


That brings up the attachments catalogue of everything you have uploaded.


Drag the images you want to the lower window and use the insert inline option.


Right, so how do you drag a photo into the lower window using an ipad ???


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