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Center nut plug for Brake Master Cylinder (Nabco)


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Hello everyone,

Help... I am in trouble following the purchase of a brand new Brake Master Cylinder for by USA 1989 NA Z32 : the middle plug was not supplied with the BMC, and my old plug (from my OEM BMC) cannot be fitted inside as the geometry of the cone differs... Detail below :

1st photo : The 2 BMC

   - LEFT : my old OEM BMC + its middle plug (conical "convex" shape)

   - RIGHT : The new Nabco I just bought, delivered without center plug...

2nd photo : detail of the new Nabco I just bought : we can see that the hole has its conical shape inverted, making the fitting of the old OEM plug impossible.

In conclusion, I need another "concave" plug.

Would anyone have this somewhere ? I would be really grateful, as the car sits currently in the garage...

Thanks a lot !



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1 minute ago, JaiKai said:

They are just grub screws; however not sure of the thread type.

Thanks for the answer.

I supposed so to, but cannot help to think there is a specific shape on the tip (see first picture of supposed Nissan plug needed)...


The technical datasheet of the BMC I got is as follows. "Right CTR" is given at 10x1.0 inv. I assume this means M10x1mm. Inverted must mean here, that the cone in the BMC in convex, and not concave as on my old OEM BMC. 


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12 minutes ago, JaiKai said:

Are you saying that the new BMC center hole that needs plugged doesn't have an inner thread ?

Yes it does, as usual (we don't fully see it though on the photo of the 1st post, I admit !..).

Problem is really, that the small conical shape you have at the end of the thread, is inverted compared to my old BMC ! meaning you can screw the old OEM plug, but after 2 turs you get in collision with this inverted conical shape = no possible fluid tightness

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