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16 hours ago, surreyseagull666 said:

Blimey this is the first time ive been back for about 3 years and first story i click on is Mikes death.I knew him and Ken Chelton RIP back in the day when South East Z club held meetings at the halfway house. i got my first 280zx which Ken modded with bits from Mike.Then i had a 280zx 2 seat pile of rust home fitted with a janspeed turbo kit which Mike bought from me.Various 260Zs that Mike provided bits for with his USA contacts and i  remember watching him drag race from the bronze 240z with v8 chevvy to the 280zx with big block.Shit what a great start to coming back into the z fold!!!.He was an unbelievable mind of information on every Z/ZX which i dont think will ever be matched.RIP Fella very probably the biggest Z/ZX fan in the UK....

Hi SurreySeaGull666.....I too was a regular attendee at the South East Z Club meets at the Halfway House...and then back to Mike's after.

Ken Chelton modded a white 280ZX for me..which won the 'Best Z' award on the Z Cub London to Brighton run in 1987....so our paths MUST have crossed! 

[sIGPIC][/sIGPIC] "Exaggeration is the enemy of credibility"

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I was more at Surrey meets with my 280ZX BRD774T,Have photos somewhere,But spent a few nights with Ken in his local pubs and his office!! which was the happy eater if i recall, then having to get back next morning for work after crashing on his sofa.2 Z/ZX legends sorely missed.

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On 21/01/2020 at 08:01, vijay said:

anyone know what happened?

Mikes health ironically was improving and when i saw him at the halfway house the weekend before he died, he was looking extremely well, better than id ever seen him over the last few years!

Sadly, the following friday he was found in his living room, sat in an arm chair and had suffered a heart attack. 

I got a call friday night to give me the news. Quite shocking to hear and even more of a shock as it was mikes phone that the call was made from.

The meetings at the halfway house will continue. 

Definitely part of mikes legacy thay needs to be continued.. 

As everyine here has said, a great guy, a pillar in the Z world and the reason a lot of the older Z range are still alive and well.

He was a good man, a good friend and will be sadly missed by all that knew him..



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On 17/01/2020 at 23:07, JaiKai said:

It's with great sadness to discover that Mike has passed away. 

Condolences to his family. 

You will be sadly missed. 



Can’t believe you’ve gone Mike ?I’ve just rejoined the club today and I was hoping to see you again and bring back some good memories of the late 90s . RIP my dear Friend ... 

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