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No contact from Specialtyz


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On ‎30‎/‎06‎/‎2020 at 09:42, JaiKai said:

Just said extremely busy and they had no stock of the items i ordered.


But that's took 3 weeks from my original email to them to give me an update.

Still, good news they have finally made contact mate!


I have something to say............ It's better to burn out than to fade away..... :tt2:

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Did they use USPS? I have placed a few orders with them and the first was (I think) with USPS via Parcel force and I made a special request for all subsequent ones to come via UPS or FedEx. The first one was stuck in customs forever. 

I know that doesn't help you now though sadly. One to remember for the future though.

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That’s interesting as with my first order from CZP via fedex it was held at customs for a little while until I paid, but for the 2 subsequent orders the package was passed and I was sent the customs bill payment request by text message after it has arrived. I guess they started trusting that I would just pay hah. I guess it depends on the delivery company.

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1 hour ago, Stephen said:

Is that even the correct amount?

Depends on the total worth of the package. The import tax is a % based on essential/non-essential car parts. E.g An item needed to make the car work is a different rate to some trim or after market pedals. I think it is about 4.5%,  but you also pay VAT% on top of that at 20%, so a £1000 order from the US is now £1254. Then most parcel companies charge a "handling fee", basically they either pay the import duty and chase you for it, thus creating paperwork and charge you for the priviledge or they put you in touch with HMRC, then release your parcel when its been paid and then charge you for the priviledge.

If Jai bought new pistons and rods from the US at £1450 + £50 shipping, He would get charged about 4.5% on the worth and cost of shipping (£1568) , then they add 20% on to that, (£1882) then a fee for sorting it all out (£1932) and before he knows it, he has paid out an extra £432 just to get the piston and rods into the country. So depending on what he bought, £316 could be correct, however it is always worth checking when the invoice comes through.

We have all this to look forward to when our transition period ends on the 31st Dec 2020 as well! Buying car parts from Germany on ebay will become a minefield... well buying anything from anywhere will be a minefield....

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All of the aftermarket car part vendors are experiencing a period of high business levels. With so many people either working from home or furloughed globally, car projects have been something that have been brought forward for many people. I believe Z1, Ionic Dynamics etc are all extremely busy at the moment.

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Sold 10/10/19


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For car parts you will be charged duty (4.5%) on the declared value of the goods and then VAT (20%) on the goods, the shipping and duty combined.

Plus a courier handing admin fee for customs clearance (usually £12 to £20 depending on the courier). You can appeal if you don't feel the amount

charged is correct.

I don't find buying parts from the US or ouside the EU to be a minefield, in fact it is a pretty straight forward process and is unaffected by any UK/EU

trading terms now or in the future. As for buying parts from the EU from next year, we don't know what the terms will be yet, but if they are on WTO

then we will follow the same sort of process as buying from say the US. It's not that hard to do.


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