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12v cigarette socket repair

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my socket has never worked since I have had the car and thought I would see why... The tang on the actual socket has been snapped off and there is this mess underneath:

(Please see photo)

I am guessing one of these is the 12v feed for the socket, another is a feed for heated seats or mirrors or something and the blue circle seems to be a blade plug of some sort that shorts on the hand brake and blows the headlight fuse (hence I wrapped it in tape!) Any ideas on how to sort this out?


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Looks like the green circled pair of wires are the power feed (orange/black) and ground (black) for the cigarette lighter and the  blue circled wire on the right with plug (green/red)

is the Cigarette Lighter Finisher bulb power feed (the ground for the bulb is via the body of the lighter).

See the partial diagram below. Can you unwrap that plug and check that it is a 3 pin type as shown below (M61)?


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