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So basically the cats have started to crumble (as the standard exhausts do on these) so theres a blow in the exhaust, I have downpipes and test pipes (all new gaskets, stud, nuts etc are with them) sitting around that I bought a while ago to do the work.

My questions are:

1. If I were to fit the test pipes that I have sitting around, would they fit straight onto the standard downpipes? .

2. If the test pipes don't fit (even if they do), can the downpipes be replaced without having to pull the engine?

My Zed is a 1993 manual twin turbo, UK spec 2+2.


Cheers in advance for any help.

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The test pipes I have came with replacement down pipes because the flange placement was different. I'd suggest getting under there with the parts in your hand and do some eyeballing to see if you're in the same situation.

Yes the down pipes can be replaced without pulling the engine. It was an awful job to do, but didn't require any particularly special tools. I did it with hinged ratchet spanners and string.

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Thanks for the advice mate, will get the car up as high as possible to give myself some good eye balling room and match the parts up like you said.

Won't be able to have a look until next weekend now as the weather hasn't really been the best for it but will post what I find here when I do.



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technically the downpipes should be the same, they should match to your current exhaust on early cars, I think on later models the bolt flanges to the mid section were slightly different so worth checking that too. you should be able to do the turbo elbows as well, but it's probably easier with the car on a ramp to be fair, it's also worth spending £100 and swapping your o2 sensors at the same time.


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