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Hello folks,

 I'm Scott and I'm openly an eccentric collector of the weird, wonderful and quirky from Skateboards, Bmx's, classic Vw's, 90's cars, classic plant, Land Rovers and even Russian military trucks!


 I've recently managed to acquire a Z32 through a sale of a dead fellas car collection, there was an intermediary involved so I couldn't get any information on the previous owner other than what I have found in the milk crate deep pile of history that came with it.

I was wondering if any of you guys would know if the previous owner had been on here? 

The car is a 1990 black TT auto with a distinctive Private plate that ends 3005 and a very delightful set of 18' Nismo LM GT3 wheels with gold spokes.

Regards Scott. 

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Hello and thanks for the welcome guys! 

The car was in a sorry mess when I first got it four weeks ago, the amount of de-tatting was unreal, home-made polycarbonate diffuser, front splitter and engine cover were the first things in the bin. Followed by the removal of so many stick on things that I can only imagine were once popular in the 2000's like Max Power style headlight eyebrows. 

Luckily the engine, drive train and suspension were all maintained by a GTR garage in St Helens according to the mountain of paperwork.

I decided to do the Timing belt and water pump straight away for piece of mind, along with new hoses and a new radiator fan, all new genuine parts from a guy called Luke at Z centre Doncaster. 
I've reconditioned the brakes, set the suspension up correctly all round and had all four wheels resealed. 

She's back on the road, I've been using it nearly daily now for  two weeks and I'm absolutely loving it! 

1990 300zx twin turbo

I have a handful of questions too, but first, does anyone recognise the Z ? 

regards Scott.


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