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My zed is near completion, I guess my insurance company need to know?

also do I have to inform DVLA that my zed is now a manual?

Not related! Before the work started I couldn’t get the key out of the ignition & it is still there & it will not come out!
When it was an auto, when you put the shifter in park & turn the ignition off it would click then the key would release.

Any body had this problem with the zed?


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Its a safety feature on autos, the key wont release until you put the shifter into park. 

When the auto conversion was done one of the pins needs to be connected to the neutral switch to the ecu or the ecu pin needs to be grounded.

Pin 44 on the ECU needs to be ground to bypass the safety feature or the other way is to connect a wire from the ECU to the neutral switch on the gearbox

and ground the secondary wire on the neutral switch.

There is also the relay located in the wing that needs to be bypassed using a loop 



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Just been to see my zed which is all back together & running perfect!

I have decided to get the sills done (the front jacking points have been squashed) over time. 
l am expecting a hefty cost with two bills! 

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