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Rattling sound


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Hello my fellow 300zx owners!

I just recently bought 1996 NA edition and there are some things to figure out. I have no mechanical background whatsoever so please be gentle :D
So I have done all the basic maintenance and some repairs including replacing knock sensor, spark plugs, engine belt, new braking system etc.

Now the main problem is this rattling sound and losing power at around 2000-2500 rpm.
Has anyone heard this kind of sound before and have any idea where to start looking?

I cleared all the error codes with obd II bluetooth device so I attaced the picture of the codes before clearing. After clearing all the error codes the only code that popped up again was the knock sensor, although this has been changed. I also added videos for you to listen the rattling sound.

video1 in neutral

OBD II errors

Thank you in advance!

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On 20/11/2020 at 11:41, Maria said:


The belt you mentioned changing was that ancillary or cambelt>  if the later check the timing of all cams and bottom pulley.
The car is not Obd 11 compliant so the fault  / error checking is likely not complete and or corrupted, you need to get a ConZult or similar to get full diagnosis and then move on from there.


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The belts that were changes were: 4PK962, 4PK1020, 3PK925 if it says anything? Also the sound was there before and after the change of the belts ?

I do have a obd 2 port due to the fact that it is US later version, but I definitely get the ConZult for better diagnosis as you mentioned.

Thank you!

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Ok the belts are ancillaries, never seen any 1996 zeds with OBD 2 port ( in the UK ) ,  seen many +1999 models  ConZult though, kind of  sure the later version for the US was not true obd 2 port protocol just a connector change only as true obd 2 is a higher layer protocol utilising canbus communication, the Obd2 term is the connector of which  to which up to 5 different protocols can run on it, the zed ecu is just not that advanced, ConZult working on an adapter connector would be way more useful.


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