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2021 International Census for the 300ZX Owners Club

2021 International Census for the 300ZX Owners Club  

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  1. 1. What Region best fits where you are ?

    • Scotland
    • Wales
    • Ireland
    • England - North
    • England - Midlands
    • England - South
    • Europe
    • USA
    • Other

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Its that time again since this should have been done the start of Feb and every year i forget.

The club sensus is now open.

Following on from last year we have the map in a grid layout and club areas as follows :

It would be great to have an accurate idea where everyone is so please feel free to also post

where on the grid you are and i can do a manual calculation later.


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On the Isle of Wight. That'll be H13 but over the water and not Hampshire. Repel Boarders!

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Z#4 from Aug 19. Cocoa Bronze Metallic convertible '92 NA Manual SWB. 948940.png
Z#3 from May 11: '99 S6 Version S NA Auto 2+2 Silver'
Z#2 great daily driver for nearly 4 years '93 S3 NA Auto 2+2 Blue'
Z#1 fast and silver '90 S1 TT Manual. Officially faster than Clarkson.'
First Zed bought 4 Aug 1999. 25 March 2019 hit 250,000 miles of Zedding in 3 Zeds since then.

Ye Gods. I should have learnt by now ? 

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