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Can anybody identify these parts?


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I used method 'B' in the link below. Unfortunately, the images have been lost. However, with the annotated picture I have

added you can work out what's what. Note that the removal of the orange lens is done through the bulb opening on

the back of the assembly (think of key hole surgery). The main clear lens does not need to be removed to do the job. The

photo is simply to show the bits referred to in the article.

The orange lens and its mounted location is arrowed in green, The metal reflector piece location is arrowed in blue (this is

left in place). I used a small Antex soldering iron with a fine tip for the cutting operation. Take great care not to go to far

through the amber lense and hit the front clear lens with the hot tip of the iron. The same goes for touching the plastic bulb

mount area with the shaft of the iron. Take your time.





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