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Hi all, I need to change the above lines as they are leaking where the union screws into the Turbos. 

I am not able to get access from underneath to the top union, so what is the easiest way to chenge the lines,

Thoughts ??

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There’s no easy way to do it. You may find access easier by removing the coolant lines but whatever you do it’s a knuckle splitting bad day out. 

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Can i lift the engine and gearbox as 1 unit by 6 inches in order to gain access ??, If so, must I lower the subframe a little or can I avoid this ??. Ideally I do not want to have to remove the gearbox.


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For all those faced with the same issue as I was , or anything relating to Turbo Charger removal  please take note of the following statement,

Remove the engine, dont deliberate or waste your time trying to access from under the car, it is pointless and futile and you will not be able to guarantee the work you do because everything is so restricted.

For those rebuilding an engine, ALWAYS buy new Oil feed lines if using the original type, which are steel with a flare on the end, As I now know to not install them at the time of build will lead to totally avoidable engine pull.

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