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Manual conversion help

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I’m very close to getting the Zed ready for its manual conversion, but there’s a few things I’m not sure about. I intend on getting the manual kit off Bonsai Breakers, so hopefully I’ll get everything needed. Unless anyone on here has one?

1. Do I need a different ECU for a manual?

2. Do I remove the auto ecu or leave it?

3. The blue relay behind the wing I hear it is bridged together again do I remove the blue relay?

4. I’m sure my zed has a 1 piece prop, I’m guessing I will need a whole manual prop?

5. Does anything need setting up electronically once done?


any pointers and advice you think I’ve missed would be great

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1. No you dont need a different ECU for the manual.

2. Just leave it it will work fine.

3. You can get a bridge cable from Wiring Specialties or just bridge the cable. (or make a secret switch for an anti theft system) 

4. You will need a new prop as they are different sizes.

5. You will need to run a ground wire from the gearbox to ECU Pin 44 for the Neutral Switch, easy way i do this is chop the plug off or find

a spare plug, ground one side of the plug to the gearbox and run the other side to pin 44.


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Thanks for the help. I’m just weighing up the involvement in doing it, as I was going to send it to jimmer (but a long way away from me), there is a gearbox specialist by me who I have to fit gas boiler &  heating for, so we were going to trade work. He’s not worried about the physical side as he has worked on Z gearboxes before but he does have reservations about the electric side involved. Just not sure what to do🤔

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