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oil cooler lines

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hi guys, had the nose cone off the zed yesterday to clean the air filter, and I noticed the oil cooler lines are as hard as a rock, I'm guessing they are probably the originals so it's going to be time to change them soon, having a look around I can either replace with genuine rubber hoses or flurolined silicone, but mainly from the usa. does it really need the moulded hoses on there or can I just buy straight (flouro lined) silicone pipe and replace with that?

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21 hours ago, RichardS said:

I don't see why you can't use the straight lined pipes....!

cool thanks Richard, probably my best option, I don't trust z1 silicone pipes after the fiasco with the pcv kit I bought off them, they started bleeding oil after 18months because they weren't lined, so I replaced them with a set from SFS which were lined. 

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