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Ignition Switched 12v that are not the radio feed

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I will soon be fitting a Tein EDFC Active system to my Z. It has a controller and a front and rear motor driver module, each of which need a 12v feed. The motor drivers speak wirelessly to the controller, which will be situated somewhere on the dash. However they do need their own power feed, with one module (probably) in the engine bay and another towards the rear of the car. So I need a 12v feed at the front, centre and rear of the car for the 3 devices.

I already have quite a few things tapped into the 12v ignition switched radio feed and I have read warnings about this feed not being the best anyway - so I do not want to add another draw to this line. 

Is anyone aware of the best place to tap a 12v ignition switched feed in the following locations?

- Engine bay

- Somewhere around the dash area that is not the radio 12v feed. 

- The rear of the car (although I could just run a new wire to the feed identified around the dash for this).



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That's impressive - thanks for the idea and the reference pictures. I might well go ahead and replicate this. I was already uncomfortable with my solution for the various things hanging off my radio line so switching it all over to something like this would be a worthwhile project I think.

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