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1993 TT LWB in Black

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I was searching for about 6 months before I found this Z32 for sale. Doesn’t have any written history with it but it was imported around 2004 as shown registered in January 2005. It’s only had 3 previous keepers.

It’s LWB, Twin Turbo, manual targa too currently showing 93,000 miles roughly but apparently the first 70k is actually KM and the last 20k in miles so approximately 63k miles although I can’t verify this.

The previous owner to me had the car about 3 years and had the sills and arches replaced due to rust and then had it resprayed in a Mercedes Black. It was originally black anyway. The car has some Brembo brakes off an Evo 8 on the front and a large wing on the back.

Interior is standard grey velour and is in really good condition, has a few interior pieces that have cracked but everything works! Has a double din radio installed with car play which is cool but the fascia is a single din that’s been ‘modified’ for it to fit. I’ll need to get a proper double din one at some point.

Engine is stock, although it has a Mishimoto radiator and an open cam cover so has obviously had some work done at some point. Also has some aftermarket HID’s I believe.

The wheels are Axe, I don’t know the model, but are 18” and 8.5j all round.

It has a very light oil leak but runs and drives really nicely, no crunching in the gearbox and pulls nicely.

Initial Plans

As I don’t have any history with it, it’s going to Jimmer for a full service, new belts, new gearbox oil, diff oil, filters, the works. If anything else needs doing then I’ll loook at that. Probably a rear main seal too but I’ll wait and see what Jimmer says. That’s happening at the beginning of May.

I’m having the brakes changed to R33 Skyline callipers as the current setup means it’s hard to find new wheels to fit.

On to wheels, I’m choosing a new set soon to replace the current ones as they are in poor condition!

Im planning on ordering a new wing and some other bits from Z1 and will get them fitted by a bodyshop.

I’ve got a set of 99 rear lights and centre panel read to be installed, bought from Z Centre, which will look great. Just need to get round to fitting them.

Depending on how much money I’ve got left I’m planning on taking it to get the underside stripped back, rust treated and under sealed to give it some protection.



The long term plans for the car are about keeping it relatively stock with a few nice upgrades, OEM+ If you like. I’d like to redo the interior with Alcantara.

I might look at upping the power in the future as well but probably no more than 400bhp as I want to keep this as a nice cruiser for weekends and to take to some shows.

It’ll live in my garage and probably be mainly a summer car!















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Depending on the way those brakes are put together you may find the R33 create very little extra clearance. Quite a few are based around using the 350z disc which is essentially the same set up as the R33 just with a larger mounting bolt and iirc about 10mm of offset. 

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Ok so first major change done, new wheels!

Work Emotion GT5 in Titan Ash Bronze. 18x9 all round, ET38. 

Fitted the new Michelin Pilot Sport 5’s. 245/40/18’s, they only just fit, very close to the upper suspension arm at the front but not running so I’m happy! 

I’m considering some 10mm (or such) spacers just to try and fill the arches out but think I’m risking some fitment issues with that so may just leave well alone!

Also bought some nice Matt black centre caps and I have some black lugs to go on too just to finish it off.







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Yes mate. I had it planned to change them but the wheels clear the callipers nicely so think I’ll keep them. Will need to be repainted over winter though

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Thanks mate I’ll look in to those!

The Zed is currently with Jimmer having a belt service and new gearbox oil and diff oil too. There are a couple of little bits I’ve asked him to look to do with the idle, and I think it’s having a new main rear seal too. It currently has an open cam cover which I’m replacing with the standard one to give it more protection from stones and stuff!

I can’t wait to get it back and drive it again! Getting properly addicted to this car.

Next on the to do list when it’s back will be the new rear lights and centre piece and a few bits of interior trim I’ve got lined up.

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