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  1. Excellent run out with Ian, roads were nice and quiet. Small diversion when part of the A272 was closed, but it meant we found some country lanes to take pictures on!
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  2. Yes, much fun was had, and good black forest gateaux for lunch. After lunch I carried on to the see side and had ice cream on the beach before heading home Looking forward to the next one
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  3. So then. After a 380 mile round trip with a car transporter (which inconveniently blew its turbo 200 miles from home) I finally made it back home with todays purchase. Just about everyone knows this car, even the Rozzers in Lithuania probably know it. So I'll not do much waffling about the cars history. Other than to say it's a 99 spec NA and I envisage some pain in my future. Now where to start.... Well it'll have to be with rust. So first on my list is to get the interior trim out and see what is to be seen. And then see if I can get a boroscope into the sills and see how bad the
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