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  1. View Advert Vg30dett engine I have this item listed currently on ebay if anybody is interested. The full description can be found listed on there. I'm happy to let the auction run its course and see where it ends. Happy bidding Advertiser neilz32tt Date 11/09/21 Price Category Parts - For Sale  
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  2. Thanks for the replies, I've now found a new "Dyno guy" who knows his way about Zeds, Skylines, Stageas.....etc. His first recommendation was for me me have a Nistune board fitted, that will enable more accurate mapping to optimise the power of the rebuilt engine. I've also had a word with Horsham Developments, re the fitting of said Nistune board and hope to have that done in the next few weeks. I'm not looking for silly power, just a safe, efficient map that has to be better than the generic chip that is installed at the moment.
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  3. Mine on rundown was sucking Circa 80 BHP extra up and above typical Manual box loss,
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