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  1. So i've actually missed the deadline for the tickets. Does anyone know if I can still get a club stand ticket for my car?
  2. Hi Just want to check who is going to this. I am wanting to book my tickets but confirming this is all still going ahead?
  3. thanks for the reply mate. I'm going to check this and feedback but not fully sure that might be the issue
  4. Hi all, Got a strange rattle, like a loose plate, which comes from the transmission area when the car is driving and on low RPM, around the gearstick area. I've checked the obvious things like exhaust shields but all seem solid. Noise goes away once RPM increases. Car is a TT 5 speed manual SWB. Thanks
  5. Thanks for all the replies everyone. I’m hoping to tackle the aerial at some point now. Problem is that it’s broke from the top. I’m going to have to take it apart. Thanks for the video links.
  6. Hi Recently picked up a TT Z32 manual on a G reg. Car is in good condition and runs really well. Hoping to maintain and keep the car running well. Wanted to ask if anyone knows how to repair the rear aerial? Will get some pictures uploaded Thanks Tony
  7. Thanks all for your kind responses. I have found what I think is a good z32, going to see it tomorrow for a closer look
  8. Hi I’m a new member with a real love for the Z32. A friend of mine has a TT which seems really clean. Wanted to understand what I should be looking out for? Also what’s insurance like on these?
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