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  1. Here is a before and after picture, the state of the compressor turbine. Just got it back from refurb.... install time soon, it smells so good Haha https://photos.app.goo.gl/vAGQxbY6WtaCBPws9
  2. The turbo is out..... not a fun job but worth it. bolt found in the remains of the compressor fan.
  3. Thank you, this is much appreciated Email is Wotherspoon111@gmail.com
  4. Sorry for the slow reply, busy few days at work. Unfortunately the photos just come up with a 404 error for me. Would it now just be a case of bending the locking tabs out the way and unbolting the turbo?
  5. Can get some photos tomorrow if needed. Read a write up or two and the service manual. Knew it would be a pig of a job but I have the spare time. Jimmer, have you done it without taking the manifold out then? Or what do I need to do hah Think i have another plan of attack next time I go at it.
  6. you have to remove it with the turbo as you can't get on one of the turbo to manifold bolts till it's out, Or as I understand it at least
  7. Hi all Didn't have the equipment to pull the engine out so I'm removing the drivers turbo whilst the engine is in the car. Everything is off except the manifold heat shield to access the manifold nuts, cant seem to figure out how to remove it. Its loose but it wraps around the front of the manifold and wont squeeze past the turbo intake. It's a 1993 jap import. Any help would be appreciated.
  8. The belt is pretty much brand new. Under a year old. Should re check the tension just in case as I replaced it.
  9. Ah brilliant. Could it still be the idler if it only makes the noise when the air con is engaged ? Forgot to mention that bit.
  10. Ok lovely thanks again. I'll have a look when I get under there to rip the leaky power steering hose out. Fingers crossed as the compressors are a lot more to to sort money and effort wise.
  11. Ah I did not even think about the idler pulley.... I'll take the belt off and give it a check over. Assuming if its faulty it wont want to spin freely? Thanks guys. If no one has succeeded in doing that with the compressor I won't attempt.
  12. Hey guys. My first question of probably many. Had a 300zx for just over a year now. Recently the air con screech's when on. It's not the belt. Today I noticed the pulley struggling to spin when the clutch was engaged so assuming it's the compressor clutch. Can these be replaced on there own ? Just clutch and pulley rather than entire compressor. Or does anyone recon the unit? Thanks guys
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