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  1. I’ve tried, for some reason it won’t let me flip the photo
  2. Hi all, I’m in the process of restoring my 91 auto TT 2+2 and the ecu needs to be replaced due to a previous owner having ‘fiddled’ with it unprofessionally. Can anyone recommend a place to get one from? Preferably an upgraded version to improve performance. Thanks
  3. Any chance you could send me some more photos of them please?
  4. Very clean looking wheels there Gaz. Don’t worry, she’s garaged and will only come out for the summer. Do you have any recommendations for wheel cleaning products?
  5. AndrewG that would be a tad difficult living in Jersey mate
  6. Thanks for your reply Gaz. Yeah I think they would look amazing on the Z, just not sure about the offset and what size spacers they’ll require. Also a tad concerned about keeping the polished lip clean with UK weather!
  7. Thanks for the reply Funkysi. It was the compliment to the original design that made me want them. Apparently Dare wheels are JWL VIA approved to 785kg per wheel. I don’t know what other brands are rated at but I thought that sounded more than adequate?
  8. There’s a lot to take into consideration! I’m looking at buying a set of Dare F6 wheels. If you have the chance to check them out I’d appreciate any feedback.
  9. Hi all, after trawling through 1000’s of wheels I’ve finally found the set that I want for my Z. Now I’ll be totally honest, I have no idea about wheel sizes, compatibility and fit so I’m hoping someone can help. The sizes are front 18x8.5 ET42 rear 18x9.5 ET40. Will these fit with the standard callipers or will they need spacers? Thanks
  10. Hi all, I thought it about time to join the club and introduce myself. I bought and imported my first Z just before Christmas (a UK spec 91 TT Auto) which is currently undergoing registration in Jersey as I write this. I was 16 when this car was born and I remember seeing them at the time and thinking they were the best looking car ever...and I still think they are one of the prettiest to this day. I’m going to make a few mods to it but nothing major as I want to keep her as stock as possible. She already has a stainless exhaust so I’m fitting stainless downpipes and a new air filter. New wheels and brake upgrades will be next and then sound system and security. Looking forward to enjoying her in the summer! Kris
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