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  1. When you are ready give me a call or ping me on jimvg30dett@gmail.com
  2. The stick will need removing which is possible from inside,Just !! The striker rod replacement requires the box removing.
  3. My advice is DO NOT fit one.A alarming number of cars i work on with one fitted have gearbox issues.It will turn your box into a David Brown 6 speed that was fitted into a 1978 Scammell Routemaster.Treat your original shifter to a rebuilt pivot along with new bushes.And if play is still present it is possible the Striker Rod Universal Joints are worn.The striker rod is available new still.
  4. Hi Mark,Pretty sure we did the box oil & Filter,What is it doing exactly ?
  5. The subframe can 100% stay in for a fuel tank swap unless it is a swb model.I know Stephen your car is a lwb model.
  6. On the ball Richard as always 👌
  7. Old age Lee setting in.You will be listening to Radio 4 next and keeping bits of wood for stirring paint 😆
  8. Try 10 years ago more like Lee !
  9. I think they are a bit shonky being honest Lee,After a few years they look ancient and do not stand the test of time at all,I would rather have a left hand drive OEM loom than a WS rhd one.
  10. The hard part is ac system.I cut the loom at the bulkhead as it saves dragging the ecu plug back through.The easiest way in reality is to de gas the AC system and remove the evaporator from behind the glove box which also has to come out along with the heater blower motor.I have managed several times now to do it with the evaporator left in but detached from its upper fixing on the dash bar.You have to force it down for access to the metal guide plate fitted over the loom as it exits the inside.That is held on with 2x10 mm nuts which are very tricky indeed.I use a qtr drive set up along with
  11. 2 years ago things were already going south for him & the word was out about his outside work internet " Interests" & Pie Crust promises that cost him his business,I am baffled how still you ploughed on regardless of this as social media was full of this info ? .He is still on Facebook i believe under another name Dazzy B iirc or something like that.I think being honest you have really little chance of seeing the money again.Chalk this one up to experience or buckle in for a long legal ride.Good luck Chap.
  12. Ooh nasty !! Got any pictures ? & Well done for getting it off 😎
  13. Hi Arthur,Do not be tempted to run the car under boost with no check valve you risk damaging the booster.
  14. Soft Valves on the 89 Models so it is quite likely they are badly worn.A leak down test would prove this.Unless seriously blown headgaskets do not show on comp tests i am afraid.
  15. Why are you removing the manifold also ?
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