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  1. You rebuilt my engine in 2009 when I was relocating to Abu Dhabi.

    Do you still have that huge dog that took my hand in its mouth as I walked back to the gate after picking some things from the car.

    The car was put in storage until last year. It got started every week and kept warm in winter. Three years ago the storage company, old friends, had a company they new, replace all the fluids and plumbing.

    I have discovered 2 leads that I assume they dislodged on the drivers side of the engine. Do you know what these are.


    I have covered about 300 miles and am busy rewiring the audio.

    I would like to bring the car down to you to check the engine over in a few weeks - is that good with you.

    Kind Regards


    1. Bones28


      They should be the AIV and EGR plugs I deleted mine when I had the engine out. Should be another yellow ish connector on the passenger side as well.

  2. All that lot will do is ruin the car.And the rose joints are made from cheese on DW stuff.
  3. Phil P managed to get an oem spoiler through Luke just before Christmas.£740 delivered.
  4. Sorry not sure what happened on that last post comment,A car that is not rusty and well looked after here in the UK Is rarer than hens teeth
  5. That car used to park less than 3 miles from my house.I left a business card on it once but never heard anything from its owner.NA auto iirc
  6. I believe you did Richard indeed.It was the uber low miler i showed you.
  7. When you are ready give me a call or ping me on jimvg30dett@gmail.com
  8. The stick will need removing which is possible from inside,Just !! The striker rod replacement requires the box removing.
  9. My advice is DO NOT fit one.A alarming number of cars i work on with one fitted have gearbox issues.It will turn your box into a David Brown 6 speed that was fitted into a 1978 Scammell Routemaster.Treat your original shifter to a rebuilt pivot along with new bushes.And if play is still present it is possible the Striker Rod Universal Joints are worn.The striker rod is available new still.
  10. Hi Mark,Pretty sure we did the box oil & Filter,What is it doing exactly ?
  11. The subframe can 100% stay in for a fuel tank swap unless it is a swb model.I know Stephen your car is a lwb model.
  12. On the ball Richard as always ?
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