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  1. That detailer Phil has a magic touch i must say.She looks epic buddy
  2. Sand them down and paint them 🙄
  3. K10 will not know herself with a shiney set of lamps adorning her back end !! What you doing with those pet fish in the old lamp Graham ?
  4. SPZ /CZP still sell the clutch,I would get that and the JWT fw
  5. Hi Alex,I literally have nothing to gain by inventing a story of a supposed sale or defect,Sales companies leave adverts up for many reasons,The trader asked me if i knew of any other tidy cars,And also mentioned somebody had contacted him via Ebay with a low mileage 13k UK model that once belonged to the Sultan of Brunei,I know who that is and so do many on here so without his advert would he have had that message and potential of a trade ? Sales sites are littered with stuff " not for sale" it is common these days with listings being so cheap and nobody wants to look like they have nothing going on in business do they ?.The vendor in his experience thought the car was fine.He told me it was sold,I can only relay what he has told me after all.
  6. No Gary not good news at all for the new owner,The trader seemed very genuine on the phone and not some Del boy type so i think he will get sorted for him.On a side note It is very good news for zeds as whole that car was up for 19k so even if we assume he was knocked down to 18k its still great.
  7. Little update on this folks,The Trader with this sold it !!! Yes indeed,He rang me yesterday asking for advice on a lack of power issue it seems to have developed before collection.
  8. Cut that short shifter up Lexx so it can never inflict misery on another Z again !
  9. If the belts been avoided you can pretty much bet other maintenance has also.
  10. I actually trolled that cars seller asking if the cam belt was done,His reply was no as it had only just done 62k and he hardly used it.A well maintained vehicle indeed then ! Nice new shiney coat of paint and a belt that is a ticking time bomb 🙄
  11. You have a faulty oil pressure sender and most lightly a leaking rocker cover onto a manifold.When the other garage give up on the car or can not diagnose it correctly i am more than happy to take a look for you.
  12. As Andrew has correctly stated a tweak of the screw on the spindle will cure it in 99% of the cases.I tighten it until the fan is locked then back it off 1/4 of a turn.
  13. Hi Fella,They end up like blown out egg shells in the end after the sun has got to them.
  14. Exactly ! Why buy used parts when new are available.
  15. I don't mean to spam your thread Nick but i thought you may be interested,I have a guy i use for machine work etc.He has a Segment from a SPZ flywheel and reckons he is going to make a set.
  16. Nick that is incredible,I do like a gloss finish on a car.Well done 👌. Have you left it in the rain just to watch the water sheeting off ! I find that therapeutic for some odd reason.
  17. I have a superb collection of OEM goodies waiting for this UK Model 👌
  18. £7950 that was up for last year,This Mob bought it,Had the cam belt done and boom £11k added !
  19. If an auto is an option one can be bagged from Japan for around 11k landed.I have an 18yr old customer who has just bought one for his 50k 600hp project.
  20. The advert states it smokes at idle so no it 100% is not fixed.And his description says if you raise the revs it stops which is indicative of a failed turbo.Imho 15k is strong money for a car that has a £1800 bill looming.
  21. "Fall out " ? I told him he was wasn't welcome at mine as his welding work on a customer of mine,s car had caused a great deal of stress and embarrassment .
  22. Why thank you kind Sir !
  23. I know that car,Walk away,In fact run,Run as fast as you can !!
  24. Black UK K plate and Bedfordshire reminds me of a Cat C car that does the rounds,White one ,Channel Islands ( it is probably rotten) Do you have any links ?
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