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  1. I'll be there, looking forward to meeting all those who are able to attend.
  2. You’ll never walk alone Sir. Sleep tight.


  3. Thanks @JaiKai & @Joely P that's correct mate, (Lee (RIP)) ?. I've got lots planned for the Z, some bits already addressed & some more to follow in due course. ?
  4. Hi Richard - here's a few photos - I moved house this beginning of the week and stuff everywhere! So she's staying the garage until next weekend ?
  5. Hi all, I'd be proud to support by exhibiting my new Z at the stand. I've got a few bits to do which I've got lined up and she'll be ready before NEC weekend. I'll post some pics tomorrow, so please do let me know. Thanks
  6. Hi all, Hope you're well? I'm new here, loving the community supportive spirit and thought I'd say 'Hi'. I'm an enthusiast of JDM cars, having previously enjoyed ownership of 2 x Bluebird Turbos, Sunny GTiR and 300zx TT. Since then, got married, had kids, owned a variety of cars, last one A6 avant 3.0tdi quattro but longed to own a JDM again. As Kids are all grown up and flown the next. It's perfect time, for a project, so I'm currently on a hunt for a Z32 TT manual, looking to importing one into UK. Should have done it a while back but I'm ready now. Cheers Aff
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