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  1. And the same to you all, i hope you all had an amazing day spent with friends, family and your cars ? And may you all have a very safe, happy prosperous New Year .
  2. Yes that is the details, all i could ever find was for the 2+0 or 2+2, the part i am after is 78520m THANK YOU FOR THAT DIAGRAM ?
  3. Ok cool i will have a look out for them, much appreciated.
  4. Hmmmm not sure if they are similar or the same, but it's worth having a look at. Cheers.
  5. No not yet, but i will give them a go shortly. I along with my mechanic have managed to get the cable out, the issue is finding a unbroken one for sale to replace it, and trying to find out if we need to remove the "roof" so to speak off to get access to it as you need those damn japanese pixie sized hands to get in there .
  6. Hi guys and gals, greetings from Sunny and stinking bloody hot Brisbane Queensland Australia. I have a 1993 300zx Convertible, and i am having an issue with working out how to go about replacing a broken cable. The cable is the fuel door actuator cable, it has a broken piece of plastic which has caused it to stop working properly. One of the issues is Nissan Australia will not touch " imports " funny seeing how every Nissan they sell is bloody well imported, so i can't get help off them and the fact there are bugger all " Verts " in Aussie. So i am struggling to get parts o
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