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  1. Any idea if he's a member on here
  2. Trying to find my old purple car.would be nice to find any recent pictures of it.still miss her and should have never sold her.
  3. could well have been it was for sale on piston heads
  4. nope had it for 5 years but sadly sold it last week to somone who will love it as much as i did :cry:
  5. well i like that bumper but then again i am slightly biassed
  6. hi jay. yep take it to center of gravity its totally transformed my car,well worth the visit.
  7. hi after not starting the car for 6 months iv just been out for a drive but it wont go past 2.5 thousand revs.it seems to hit a rev limiter several times then will rev properly once and stall.anyone got any ideas what could cause this please
  8. hi the rear driveshaft wheelside rubber boot has split has anyone changed this,could really do with a step by step guide.also if appears to difficult i'v seen universal split rubbers that you can glue together has anyone used these before and are they any good.
  9. my gaitor boot on the wheel side has split and lost some of the grease so is it possible to replace the boot with a new one without taking the driveshaft apart.
  10. think it looks similar to mine in a strange sort of way and could look great if fitted and sprayed correctly
  11. thanks,mines not the yellow one though
  12. just got back from our hols at the isle of white stayed at whiecliff bay and had a great time ,didnt see any zeds on the way down but guess what lived at the bottom of the campsite entrance :bow:
  13. sorry off topic but does anyone know the make of that front bumper
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