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  1. Thanks for this info Lexx, much appreciated. We're servicing it tomorrow so will check out the speed sensor wiring and then go from there 👍
  2. Today I stripped the scuttle panels off my Z due to a fatal schoolboy error of starting the car with the wiper switch left in motion from earlier in the week. The frost/ice held the wipers firmly in place whilst popping the arms off the motor 🤦‍♂️ All back together now and wiping as it should, however I did notice the passenger side scuttle piece will need replacing. The plastic is really brittle and broken away in several places. Is this a common thing?
  3. Hi Arthur, Thank you very much for the offer 🙂 but Im rather fond of the orange ones. Maybe there are others out there like me Im not sure 😂 I dont hesitate to change big daft orange repeaters/indicators on my bikes (normally first thing to be done) but its different to me on the 300. Thanks again 👍
  4. Brill, cheers. I think Id like to keep the TT bumper... it does look more appealing, Im gonna have a go at repairing first see if anything can be done. Failing that Ill get one from a breaker at some point. I assume being a 95 model it has an airbag wheel? So your slip ring would be no good (still grasping the model years and equipment was on each one). Its great that youre in Burnley 😂 I have no doubt at all Ill be needing some bits from you. Do you have the passenger side wiper scuttle panel piece by any chance? Mines seen better days I noticed today. Cheers
  5. Very helpful Andrew, thank you! I do like the way the TT bumper looks on the car to be honest, and I think Id like to source another one of those, that is if mine cannot be repaired. The 'posts' at the sides of the bottom vents have collapsed from the top half of the bumper if you get what mean? So the bottom section sits low to the ground. The car has also previously been lowered so I really have to be careful which angle to take over bumps etc as it scrapes. Ive been in touch with the guy breaking the silver NA who hopefully has a slip ring for me. He works offshore and returns this wee
  6. Yes they look extra stealthy in black!! I live in Darwen/work in Bolton, what about yourself?
  7. I hope the below images work. I have little forum experience and currently dont have a laptop/pc so making do with my phone! Ill give a brief overview of what current state each section of the car is in and the plans for rectification. Body: The paintwork on the car isnt too bad... at a glance. The bonnet and rear hatch lid are both absolutely covered in paint microblisters so ideally will need nailing back right to metal and starting again. The sills have been done to a really good standard (presumably not from the same bodyshop which created the blisters!) and there isnt any s
  8. Hi all, recently bought myself my first 300ZX S1, 1992 manual N/A in black. I've always wanted one of these ever since I was a spotty teen during the Max Power era of the early 2000s. Now Im 30 and bought one with a few period correct 'modifications', all I want to do is revert it back to factory! Funny how the mind and taste matures... Anyway, along my journey Im hoping for plenty of veteran advice (and parts) and Im looking forward to getting involved and sharing my experiences with one of my childhood dream cars!
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