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  1. Not sure if you guys have seen it, but he did the music for a movie called Streets of Fire. Really cheesey but a great movie with, as you might expect, great music. Godspeed Jim ❤️
  2. Oh man this post just dropped a huge piece of the puzzle! I'd never seen them on any of the other Z's I looked at but mine has the BOV kit. No wonder it runs rich if they interfere with the MAF sensor.
  3. Ah that's good that you've got somewhere to keep all the serious guts safe and hibernated. That's always my concern with taking things apart, I find myself taking loads of photos since my memory is good for about 15 minutes let alone 15 years 😬😂
  4. 😂😂😂 I'll definitely post a picture when it's up and running (so you can all say "Oh no you bought *that* one" 😜). 15 years!? That's not a restart, that's a resurrection 😂 definitely going to want more than a battery. Maybe a priest to bless it! Where would you even start with something like that?
  5. Thank you! I'll be signing up for premium on payday for sure! Bristol is such a great city. Perfect excuse to do some travel 😂 This is all so great, wish I could convey how much I value everyone's help and input!
  6. God these cars are far smarter than I ever knew! That limp-home mode sounds very reminiscent of what mine is doing too... very sus. Praying it's a faulty MAF because that's not such a chore to fix 😂 thank you for this Andrew, concept Z really is a gold-mine for more than just parts!
  7. Yeah man it definitely looks faffy! What does "safe mode" feel like exactly? Or are there any cockpit-indicators that it's doing so? I detailed the symptoms in my initial post and I think the Det/knock is only one thing. I'm hoping with conzult I'll know what else is causing the more intense troubles I described back there since according to the read-out the code 34 for det/knock won't cause the CEL to come on in mode 1. It's all a big detective game isn't it! 😂
  8. Thanks AndrewG! I'll pop down the hardware store and pick one up. I do have a det/knock sensor on the way but I really appreciate the guide and I'll be using it as a contingency because replacing the whole sensor does admittedly look pretty intimidating 😛
  9. Thank you, really can't get over this amazingly warm-welcome from everybody. Got an OEM one. Only the best for our babies right? 😜😂
  10. Thank you! I got a current checker as well so I'll definitely be keeping this cheeky-quick-fix as a contingency if I have to drive it to get things sorted elsewhere 😁 I have a second-hand det/knock sensor on the way but truth be told it looks like a real fiddle to do and I quickly felt intimidated 😂
  11. Thank you! The warm welcome is really appreciated and all the advice is so kind! I've invested in an OEM MAF sensor from Concept Z and a 2nd hand OEM Det/Knock from ebay. Need to save some dosh but next Tuesday I'm going to buy a license for Conzult on the advice of some of the chaps kindly posting their wisdom here, I'm hoping that'll show me the running-codes without having to risk any damage with a start-up. Today I've had the air filter/MAF out, connector looks fine. I have an after-market electric fan which doesn't appear to have any damage or degradation to connectors/relays so prayers a
  12. So on your advice I got it open and with the engine off it flagged code "34" detonation sensor, not one of the asterisk ones that triggers a mode 1 check engine light but going to continue to dig deeper in the meantime
  13. Thank you! I'll look over it right away, was just about to reply to Rich, the internal code-checker flagged a "34" with the engine not started, apparently corresponds to the detonation sensor so going to have a read up on that too
  14. You're a ledge! Thank you I'll have a look and get my checklist out 😂
  15. Will do! On the hunt for diagnostic wizards now. I'll update in future posts. Again, thank you so much 🙂
  16. Thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly! Yes 100% keys staying firmly out of the ignition! I'm located in sunny Southend on Sea, Essex 😂 I've had a crawl around the internet and a video affirmed my suspicion that it's a faulty MAF sensor so I'm ordering a new one in the meantime but without an accurate OBD it's still a shot in the dark, couldn't hurt to replace though just in case? Or not something to be fiddled with if not necessary?
  17. Hi all, Bought '91 Z32 manual TT in Sept 20. Ran fine for a while until check engine light came on while driving, mechanical whirring sound, clicky/zappy sounds from somewhere around driver's side, high-idle and jerky power-delivery. Now barely idles and just dies. It's been through two diagnostics that didn't flag anything. I was aware that it ran slightly rich when I got it but it seems to have got worse to the point of non-starting. Are there any Z or JDM specialists in Essex or SE that anyone is aware of. My 20 year old dream is becoming a bit of a 30 year old nightmare! All help/advi
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