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    Auto enthusiast going crazy in a world full of engines.
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    Cars, mechanical engineering, motorsports
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    Unemployed 😘😥
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    South East

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I love my wife and she loves me but somethings have to come first and our babies is that even if they ain't so looked over right now they getting there 😂

'93 3.0 V6 TT Targa Z32 auto jap import

- aftermarket alarm system wasn't letting her start but fuel pump ain't been doing nothing so gonna get her in to get pump and hoses and injectors swapped out and make sure she running. Starts with easy start though...

- rust is a b*#:", need I say more?? 

-jus wanna get her running and safe, rust free, road ready by the end of the year at least 😥

'90 1.6 Mazda mx5 na jap import

-skid car

-lots of rust

-decent bit of work... None by me

-mot running out

'93 1.3 Toyota sera jap import 

- slightly decomposing until further notice

-my dad will not allow me to have the car until I have my own workshop

'07 Renault twingo gt 1.2 turbo remap169hp 

-breaking for parts 😂😂

'06 volvo s40 1.6td

🙌For sale😮or swap🕊

'05 civic ep2 

- stolen😣

'05 rx8 





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