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  1. Hi everyone . When I start my car in the morning cold there is like a whining noise for a few minutes while the car warms up . To me it sounds like a meat slicer or something . All belts are fine and nothing is loose . Does anyone have any idea what it could be ? I was thinking possibly the crankshaft pulley as there is a aftermarket one on the car . It's a z32 tt . Thanks
  2. I won't be doing the work myself . My dad and brother are both mechanics so they would be doing it for me thankfully 😂
  3. Ah right thanks for that . hopefully I wouldn't have to pay tax from the UK the kit is expensive enough as it is
  4. Ya that's the kit I was looking to get but wasn't sure if I would get caught for duty from the us with it . I also found this kit in the UK . https://www.torqen.uk/nissan/300zx/engine/timing-chains-tensioners/58180-300zx-z32-nissan-oem-120k-complete-timing-belt-kit-13001-01e12.html The car only has 100kmiles on it and belt was done 5000 miles ago but that was 5 years ago so it badly needs a new one
  5. How do I post pics I tried putting some up but couldn't see where ? Thanks for that I'll check him out
  6. Hey all . Just picked up my lifelong dream car . A 2+2 1990 tt red with 100k miles . It's a jap and is in good condition. Has aftermarket japspeed exhaust and intercooler with remap. I need to try and find a timing belt kit for the 120k service . Would anyone be able to point me in the right direction ?
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